REANIMATION - Aetolia Online Help


Reanimation is the process by which the undead and vampires repair damage done to their bodies. All undead have the ability to learn this skill.

There are four types of reanimation items: slices, serums, tinctures, and poultices. If you were living, slices are like herbs, serums are like elixirs, tinctures are like piped items, and poultices are like salves. Serums, tinctures, and poultices all require slices and inks in order to be made. You can use AB REANIMATION <ability> to view what is required for that healing item to be made.


Slices must be DISSECTed from a body. You must AUTOPSY a corpse in order to see what it has available, then perform the DISSECTion. If you have the artifact scalpel, you will be able to obtain extra slices on dissection.

Inks can be attained through two means: purchasing them from a shop or gathering them through the racial abilities you can find in the world. The racial abilities required are rock harvesting and then also rock crushing. You will HARVEST ROCK within appropriate areas to find a rock of a specific color, then ROCKCRUSH ROCK to be able to get inks from it. Obsidian inks are not able to be gained through these means.

Serums are a combination of organ slices and inks, fermented in a cauldron. AB REANIMATION FERMENTING will give the exact way to do this. Serums can be used to heal a variety of problems, raise certain defenses, and heal both mana and health. Read HELP CURES REANIMATION for more information.

Serums are stored in vials and, should one have a needle in their possession, they may STICK <serum> to use it. Note that vials, which hold serums, are made by woodcrafters.

Tinctures are produced the same way as serums, but must be injected into the body. To use a tincture one must acquire a syringe. SIPHON <tincture> INTO <syringe> will fill the syringe with 10 uses. One must then FLICK <syringe> to keep it from settling. The tincture can then be used with INJECT <tincture>. One may always empty the syringe with SQUIRT <syringe>. Read HELP CURES REANIMATION for what individual tinctures do. Note that syringes and needles are made by jewelcrafters.

Poultices are prepared differently. They are made from anointed organ slices. This is done by inks. AB REANIMATION ANOINTING provides details on how to do this. once they are anointed, one may PREPARE <number> <type> POULTICE [INTO CASK], assuming one has the skill in Reanimation to do such. Please note that this requires a clean bandage if you are not preparing the poultice into a cask.

One may use the poultice with PRESS <poultice> or PRESS <poultice> ON <bodypart>. Teradrim skilled in Animation may produce more presses on a new poultice. Once again, read HELP CURES REANIMATION for what powers different poultices have. Note that bandages are made by tailors.