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25.13.25 Raugol Fissure

In the year 380 MA, the elemental forces of the Earthen plane erupted across the continent in a destructive, ravenous tide that sought to devour the whole of Sapience. One such incursion came from the depths of the Aureliana Forest as the elementals split the earth apart in their maddened frenzy.

With their warlord's fall, many elementals became trapped betwixt their plane of Azvosh and that of the prime material which makes up much of Sapience. Mindless and ravening, the elementals remain drifting between the planes in a ceaseless search for blood and bone to glut themselves.

A warder of the Earthcallers, priests of the Earthen and scions of the Pillars of the Earth, has since taken up vigil to watch over the seething fissure. Those who hunt down the elementals may find a suitable reward from the Earthen warrior. It is said, that in the depths of the fissure, an ancient dolmen of the Earthcallers remains and may perhaps be a means of travel to their hallowed grounds.