Racial skills - Aetolia Online Help

4.3.1 Racial skills

Racial skills are acquired automatically based on your race. You begin with one at level 1, and gain more at levels 25, 50, and 75. See HELP RACES for a full chart of the races and the skills they know.

Most of these skills are available to players once they reach level 100 and choose to become an Azudim, Idreth, or Yeleni. You can purchase them using your haven points. The syntax to do this is HAVENS CONVERT <x> TO SKILL POINTS. Once you do that, you can RACESKILL LIST to see available choices and then RACESKILL SELECT <skill> to purchase it.

Air Stability:
  - This is a passive skill that keeps the player from being blown around while

Alcohol Resistance:
  - This player can ingest more alcohol than other players.

Blood Regeneration:
  - This is a passive skill that increases the rate at which the player
    recovers blood.

Blood Reserves:
  - A player with this skill will have increased blood reserves.

  - The player use the burrowing ability to travel beneath the earth up to two
    levels lower. Once you are burrowed, you can travel in the existing
    cardinal directions, provided they are suitable terrain for burrowing.

  - Syntax: BURROW BELOW
            BURROW ABOVE
            BURROW <dir>

  - This skill allows one to disguise themselves as another player, just like
    the tattoo of the same name. Note: While the tattoo requires both
    equilibrium and balance to use, this ability does not. 

  - Syntax: CHAMELEON <player>

  - The player has access to the Horkval clicking language, which enables to
    communicate with other players having access to this language.

  - Syntax: CLICK <text>

Cold Blooded:
  - Allows you to absorb heat more easily, keeping you cooler. Acts as though
    you are wearing less clothing.

  - Unlocks access to the Survival Crashing skill: AB SURVIVAL CRASHING

  - Gain proficiency in a single weapon of your choice.
  - Cannot be changed or undone, so choose wisely!
  - CUNNING SELECT <weapon>

  - The player can pass through several rooms in one movement attempt, without
    triggering the "too hasty" message.

  - Syntax: DASH <dir>

  - The player can use the DIG command without a shovel.

  - Syntax: DIG

Endurance Regeneration:
  - The player recovers endurance at an increased rate.

Fast Swimming
  - The player swims twice as fast through water rooms.

Fire Breathing:
  - The player can use the firebreathing skill to melt icewalls, light forges,
    or set another player on fire!

  - Syntax: BREATHE FIRE AT <player>
            FIRE FORGE

Fire Retardant:
  - Should the player catch fire, it will automatically burn out after a short

  - The player has the power of flight.

  - Syntax: FLY
  - The player has the ability to forage for sustenance in any forest location.

  - Syntax: FORAGE
Forest Regeneration:
  - The player will regenerate health and mana at a constant rate while within
    a forest. This is equivalent to level 1 regeneration.

Fur Coat
  - Allows you to maintain body heat, keeping you warm. Acts like you are
    wearing additional clothing.

  - The player can use the gripping skill, which will prevent weapons from
    being knocked from his hands.

  - Syntax: GRIP

  - The player can quickly clean themselves (or someone else) of any stink with
    this command.

  - Syntax: GROOM [player]

Health Regeneration:
  - The player slowly regenerates health at a constant rate equivalent to level
    1 regeneration.

  - The character has access to heatsight, which will sense the presence of
    hidden players in the room. Once activated, heatsight is a constant defense.

  - Syntax: HEATSIGHT
  - The player will be able to hide in the shadows, concealing himself from

  - Syntax: HIDE

  - Hovering provides a similar defense to the levitation buff.

  - Syntax: HOVER

  - This ability permits the player to freeze players, the ground, or douse

  - Syntax: FREEZE <player>
            FREEZE GROUND
            FREEZE FIREWALL <dir>

Improved Forging:
  - This player will receive slightly better stats when forging weapons and

Improved Harvesting:
  - The player will be capable of harvesting more herbs per day.

Improved Meditation:
  - The player will enjoy increased willpower and mana gain when meditating.
Improved Sleep:
  - The player will regain health and endurance faster when sleeping.
  - The player will be able to leap over most obstacles in the room. Note that
    you cannot leap indoors.

  - Syntax: LEAP <dir>

  - The player can listen to conversations in nearby rooms.

  - Syntax: LISTEN <dir>

Lunar Regeneration:
  - The player will regenerate health and mana while under the changing lunar
    influence. Will not work if you cannot see the moon above you (IE: You are

Natural Clotting:
  - This basically works like a weak, constant moss tattoo. It can be stacked
    with a moss tattoo.

  - The player will receive the natural ability to see in the dark.

  - Pacing permits the player to follow other players who are dashing or
    galloping as a method of transportation, without being left behind.

  - Syntax: PACING ON
            PACING OFF

Rock Crushing:
  - Players with this skill can crush rocks to obtain ink at a limited number
    of times per day. There is no limit when the ability is purchased via

  - Syntax: ROCKCRUSH <rock> FOR INK

Rock Harvesting:
  - This skill allows one to have access to rock harvesting. It is limited to a
    certain number of uses per day. There is no limit when the ability is
    purchased via skillpoints.

  - Syntax: HARVEST ROCK

  - Gives the player access to the satiation skill in Survival. Read AB
    SURVIVAL SATIATION for more information.

  - Syntax: SATIATION

  - The player has the ability to locate other nearby characters by scenting
    the air. This does not bypass location cloaking abilities such as hood.

  - Syntax: SCENT

  - When purchased with skillpoints, this ability will reveal all hidden exits
    100% of the time.

  - Gives the player access to the selfishness command in Survival. Read AB
    SURVIVAL SELFISHNESS for more information.


  - When stinky, your natural coating of slime suppress the stench.
  - You may also SHED SLIME as an alternative to scrubbing.

  - Slowly accrue stinkiness passively, as a result of secreting foul-smelling slime. 
  - While stinking, you also swim faster, as a result of moving through the water more efficiently. 
  - You may OOZE, taking several seconds of balance to accrue stinkiness.

  - One can soar through the air for a limited time, but with improved speed.
  - Syntax: LAUNCH

  - The player will be able to stalk, which cloaks his exit from the room. This
    defense can only be activated at night, and will automatically expire at

  - Syntax: STALK

  - You may STAND FIRM to make you immovable by most means.
  - Lasts until your next use of balance or equilibrium.

  - This skill allows a player free access to the swimming skill.

  - You can TRAWL in watery environments to provide yourself sustenance. 
When in a watery environment, you can trawl the waters for sustenance, in a similar manner to foraging. 
  - Also allows you to EAT raw fish.

Tremor Sense:
  - The player will be able to detect burrowed movement beneath his location.


  - Gives the player access to the tumbling command in Survival. Read AB
    SURVIVAL TUMBLING for more information.

  - Syntax: TUMBLE <dir>

Underwater Breathing:
  - The player will take no health damage from being underwater.

Underground Regeneration
  - While underground the player will regenerate health and mana at an
    increased rate.

Water Regeneration:
  - While in water rooms the player will regenerate health and mana at an
    increased rate.

Willpower Regeneration:
  - The player will regenerate willpower at an increased rate.