Praenomen Artifacts - Aetolia Online Help

23.2.9 Praenomen Artifacts

Below are a list of artifacts that directly affect those of the Praenomen class.


Silver Crown                      850cr
Artifact Property: equilibrium_recovery
Reduces equilibrium costs by 7%.

Knuckles                     400-1600cr
Artifact Property: handtohand_damage
Increase the damage done from Frenzy.

Level 1 - Brass knuckles:             10% increase    400cr
Level 2 - Spiked knuckles:            15% increase    800cr
Level 3 - Celestine spiked knuckles:  20% increase   1600cr


Amulet of the Moon                500cr
Artifact Property: sunbane
Reduces damage taken from sunlight, also prevents afflictions the sun normally gives out.

Imbrued Hemagogue            300-1200cr
Artifact Property: blood_thin
Reduces the amount of blood usage on all skills. 

           Cost      Reduction
Level 1    300cr    15% reduction
Level 2    600cr    25% reduction
Level 3   1200cr    35% reduction


A Death's Grip coffin             250cr
Artifact Property: artifact_coffin
A coffin that never decays and allows you to entomb to it from anywhere on the same continent, as if you always had the deathlink defence. Cannot be dug up by anyone except you.

A sarcophagus talisman            250cr
Artifact Property: corpse_store
Allows you to store up to three corpses within the talisman, which can be retrieved later at any time for feeding or for use as minions. Interact with it using the CORPSE command.

Quick Pathing                  50-200cr
Artifact Property: quick_path
Shortens the path-change cooldown. Normal cooldown is 4 hours.

           Cost      Reduction
Level 1     50cr    2 hour
Level 2    100cr    1 hour
Level 3    200cr    15 minutes