Pillars of the Earth - Aetolia Online Help Pillars of the Earth

Ancient, cthonic bones formed at the very dawn of time, the Pillars of the Earth lie betwixt the Prime Material Plane and the unforgiving plane of earth that is known as Azvosh. The Pillars are vast monoliths in the darkness that are dwarfed only by the ancient wyrms that move throughout the darkness like whales in the depths of the ocean. Spanning for leagues into the unfathomable abyss and downward into the hellish pit of Azvosh, it is impossible to determine how many of these monoliths dot the expanse, but its numbers are far beyond mortal reckoning.

For all their majesty and glory, however, the Pillars of the Earth are a prison. Ancient sorcerer-kings of the Earthen who sit upon the Council of Ash are offered up as sacrifices when the call is sounded. The Pillars of the Earth are a primordial thing from the dawn of time, living and truly embodying the cold hunger of the earth that is only sated by the offering. With this sacrifice, the Pillars are strengthened and the sorcerer-king is bound for an eternity as the Pillar feasts upon him. With the sorcerer-king bound to the Pillar, the Earthen are seemingly granted further strength for their fealty. It is a cycle without end; one that the Earthcallers maintain. 

It is said by some of the Earthen that something ancient lurks within the abyss that cannot be seen nor heard, but its very mind can be felt when it stirs in the darkness. The Earthcallers consider this to be a heresy from those that would see the sorcerer-kings released from their bondage.