Mercantile Skills - Aetolia Online Help

9.6 Mercantile Skills

Mercantile skills are unique skillsets focused on the creation and sometimes customization of items essential to characters in Aetolia. Each character may possess one and only one Mercantile skill, so choose wisely! It is important not to confuse Mercantile skills with Tradeskills, of which you can learn as much and as many as you please.


If you select a Mercantile skill when already having one, you will be prompted as to whether you wish to forget your existing Mercantile skill. You will receive 50% of your lessons back that you invested in the original Mercantile skill if you choose to switch.

   9.6.1  Forging        The skill of creating weapons and armour.
   9.6.2  Concoctions    Create curatives from the world around you.
   9.6.3  Reanimation    Reanimate your undead body through organs!
   9.6.4  Toxicology     The ability to create and sell venoms.