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13.8 List of Curatives

There are three main ways of curing afflictions within Aetolia.

Herbs and Organ Slices
Most afflictions are cured by consuming herbs if you are living, or organ slices if you are undead. There are a large variety of herbs and slices you will need on hand, however you can easily store them all within your cache.

Pipes and Tinctures
Smoking herbs or injecting yourself with certain tinctures is similar to consuming herbs and organ slices. The main difference is that you will need some pipes/syringes on hand, and to ensure they are filled and lit/flicked before use.

Salves and Poultices
Salves and poultices are little more unique in that you will need to apply them to specific body parts. Vials are required for holding your salves, and bandages are needed for poultices.

You can get detailed information about the various afflictions in the realm by looking at AFFLICT LIST and the related commands under AFFLICT.

 HERBS                   ORGAN SLICES
 ----------------        ----------------                
 Skullcap                Pineal
 Sileris                 Bone
 Ash                     Bladder
 Goldenseal              Liver
 Kelp                    Eyeball
 Lobelia                 Testis
 Ginseng                 Ovary
 Bellwort                Castorite
 Bloodroot               Lung
 Moss                    Kidney
 Kola                    Sulphurite
 Cohosh                  Tongue
 Hawthorn                Heart
 Bayberry                Stomach
 Myrrh                   Tumor
 Echinacea               Spleen

 ----------------        ----------------
 Elm                     Demulcent
 Valerian                Antispasmadic
 Skullcap                Sudorific

 ELIXIR                  SERUM
 ----------------        ----------------    
 Health                  Analeptic
 Mana                    Stimulant
 Levitation              Euphoric
 Immunity                Calmative   
 Venom                   Carminative
 Speed                   Nervine
 Frost                   Refrigerative    

 SALVE                   POULTICE
 ----------------        ----------------  
 Epidermal               Oculi
 Mending                 Orbis
 Caloric                 Fumeae
 Restoration             Jecis
 Mass                    Pueri