Items and Mobiles - Aetolia Online Help

7 Items and Mobiles

7.1  Mobiles          Some general info about dealing with mobiles.
   7.1.1 Loyalty      Mobiles that may be loyal to you.
   7.1.2 Naming       Naming your loyal creatures.
7.2  Gold             The syntax for interacting with gold.
7.3  Sigils           Useful, magical symbols.
7.4  Doors            The syntaxes for interacting with doors.
7.5  Locks            The syntaxes for interacting with locks.
7.6  Keys             Keys and how to copy them.
7.7  Clothing         All about the variety of clothes in Aetolia.
   7.7.1 Attire       Stylish advice on wearing your clothing.
   7.7.2 Attire Locs  Locations of worn/attire items.
7.8  Stackables       Some items can be stacked into one.
7.9  Cache            Your own trans-dimensional storage solution.
7.10 Containers       The various containers vital to healing. 
   7.10.1 Refilling   Reusing containers for fun and profit.
   7.10.2 Casks/Racks Containers for bulk refills and enchantments.
   7.10.3 FluidCache  Storage for all your fluids.
7.11 Throwing         Learn how to throw things at or to people.
7.12 Dialogue         Engage with mobiles and items in advanced dialogue.