IRON COIN ARTIFACTS - Aetolia Online Help


The following artifacts may be purchased via Bloody Iron Coins from the artifact purchase system. Type AP PURCHASE LIST COIN to see these items and AP to get full commands for the purchase system.

o A broken piece from a chest (10 Iron Coins)
  - Put together three of these to make a cryptic chest.

o A venantium shovel (10 Iron Coins)
  - This shovel never breaks, and the balance time to use it is half of   
    the normal digging time.

o A customization certificate (10 Iron Coins)
  - ++++ NO LONGER FOR SALE ++++
  - A standard customization certificate, this can be used in place
    of the standard credit value to customize any artifact except           
    those explicitly forbidden under HELP CUSTOMISATION.
  - ++++ NO LONGER FOR SALE ++++

o Magic 8-Ball (10 Iron Coins)
  - The magic eightball can be used to predict the fortunes of you 
    and your friends. 

o A bottle of potent energy juice (20 Iron Coins)
  - While holding this, it will grant you immunity to the 'tripping hard'

o A vocal amplifier box (20 Iron Coins)
  - Your voice will no longer be drowned out by strong winds.

o A moist washrag (20 Iron Coins)
  - This washrag can be used to SCRUB away bad smells quicker than 

o A heavily-etched silver token (20 Iron Coins)
  - This token can be REDEEMed to instantly learn a language of your 
  - Syntax: REDEEM TOKEN FOR <language>
  - Works for any language under HELP LINGUISTICS
  - You don't need the linguistics talent to use this.

o Sleeping Bag (30 Iron Coins)
  - This sleeping bag will increase endurance regeneration, health
    regeneration, and rate of sleepiness reduction while sleeping. 

o A post office contract (30 Iron Coins)
  - You will no longer be charged for posting to the public news board.

o A miniature chessboard (30 Iron Coins)
  - A chessboard you can take with you anywhere!
  - HELP CHESS for information.

o Some vermin bait (30 Iron Coins)
  - This bait will attract more vermin in non-sewer rooms!
  - Increases vermin per day from 3 to 5 for the next 5 minutes.
  - WAVE BAIT in the room to affect it

o A brass bullhorn (30 Iron Coins)
   - Now you can annoy everybody twice as much with pointless banter! This 
     artifact will halve the endurance and willpower cost when shouting. 
   - Warning: Does not protect you from the zaps of irritated Gods; use 
              with caution.

o A pet leash (30 Iron Coins)
   - Too many minipets and can't choose a favourite to keep with you? Now 
     you don't have to! This leash will allow the owner to have up to five
     minipets with them at once.

o A silver and bronze anemometer (30 Iron Coins)
   - Allows the user access to the FORECAST command, revealing precise
     measurements and extra information of the weather around them.

o A simple sock puppet (40 Iron Coins)
   - Master the art of throwing your voice with this sock puppet! 
   - VOICETHROW <direction> <message> will allow you to speak in an adjacent
     room, appearing as a 'disembodied voice'. 
   - VOICETHROW HERE <message> to make it appear as if the puppet is talking
     in your current location!

o A set of tattoo stamps (40 Iron Coins)
   - The holder of this artifact will find that any tattoo they ink upon 
     themselves or another person will be completed instantly.

o A clockwork messenger bat (40 Iron Coins)
   - This bat was once a promotion item and is now being released to the
   - CRANK BAT FOR <target> SAYING <message>, will send bat flying off to
     your target to deliver its message.
   - Can only be used once every 15 minutes.

o A luminous eyepatch (40 Iron Coins)
  - This eyepatch will grant you the ability to see through things!
  - Can glance/squint past closed doors and walls (icewalls, etc) 
    when worn.

o A kufi of sacraments (40 Iron Coins)
  - When worn, the kufi of sacraments allows the owner to UNIFY 
    couples, pronouncing upon them the Rites of Unity. 

o A clarion eyeglass (40 Iron Coins)
  - Wearing this eyeglass will extend the range of the Farsight 
    ability, permitting you to see not only the area, but the exact 
    room that your target can be found in.

o Three-Weight Bola (50 Iron Coins)
  - This item, when wielded, can be used like a web tattoo, thrown 
    at the opponent to tie him or her up. Uses balance instead of 
    Syntax: THROW BOLAS <dir> AT <target>

o A ring of parting (50 Iron Coins)
  - Simply POINT RING <direction>|AT GROUND to part any water in
    either the specified direction or your current room. Must be
    worn in order to work properly.

o A ring of the flood (50 Iron Coins)
  - While one wears this ring, they may FLOOD, and their location 
    will suddenly fill up with water. 

o A jewel-encrusted sacrificial dagger (50 Iron Coins)
  - Offer to your God without being at a shrine! It will also work with
    linked shrines to generate ylem for the city.
  - At a shrine, ATTUNE your dagger to attune it to the deity of your 
    choice. UNATTUNE from anywhere to reverse this. 
  - Syntax: SACRIFICE <corpse>

o A Libram of Enlightenment (50 Iron Coins)
  - When in your inventory, the Libram of Enlightenment allows the owner  
    to bypass any teaching messages and get straight to learning.

o A glass of neverending eggnog (50 Iron Coins)
   - Another old promotion item! Every howling, this glass will refill with
     five sips of delicious eggnog.
   - Drinking the eggnog will grant you one of the following defences for an 
     hour: increased crit chance, increased health, increased mana, 
           increased experience gain, increased endurance regen,
           increased willpower regen.
   - You can only have one eggnog buff at a time, as redrinking the eggnog 
     will remove any current eggnog buffs you have.

o A crystal divining skull (60 Iron Coins)
  - Held in one's inventory, the crystal divining skull will inform 
    the bearer of precisely the location at which death has taken a 
    new victim. 

o The Winged Slippers of Xon (60 iron coins)
  - These slippers will reduce the time between speedwalking steps 
    to 75% of normal. Note that this is only effective for the autowalker   
    used with the in-game map. 

o An amorphous putty (70 Iron Coins)
   - PRESS PUTTY TO <thing>
   - PRESS this putty against another item or NPC and the putty will remember
     that thing's current form. 
   - You may then MOLD PUTTY to change its form into its remembered shape, and
     UNMOLD PUTTY to return it to normal. 
   - The putty can only remember the form of one object, and pressing it
     against another object will cause it to forget its previous.

o A shrunken head (70 Iron Coins)
  - Whenever someone speaks your name within the realm, this shrunken head
    will sneeze!

o Peripleko's Eye (70 iron coins)
  - See where all concealed exits lead, without ever needing to 
    consult your Secrets ability.

o Disguising Gem (80 Iron Coins)
  - Pose as any race as well as either an undead or one of the 
    Syntax: DISGUISE

o A mantle of dissolution (90 Iron Coins)
  - This mantle will prevent others from following you while worn.

o Bracers of proficiency (90 Iron Coins)
  - All weapon proficiencies will be clear as day and come as second 
    nature while these fine bracers are worn.

o An ampoule of putrescine (100 Iron Coins)
  - POURing this over someone will make them stinky! Can only be used once
    every 15 minutes.

o An inscribed grave marker (100 Iron Coins)
  - Power: fakedeath
  - This artifact lets you fake your death by sending a fake deathsight 
    message to those in the same room as you, and those adjacent to your 
    room. You can supply a room number to specify what room you 'died' for 
    the purposes of the divining power. If you do not supply a room, your 
    current room will be used. Usage: FAKEDEATH [room#] <message>

o A wrought golden hand (150 Iron Coins)
  - Allows you to instantly kill most NPCs (exclusions including crit-immune
    and loyal mobs) by turning it to gold. You'll receive 15 gold bars (the
    commodity), and receive an extra 250% experience from killing that
  - Can only be used once per Howling.
  - Syntax: GOLDTOUCH <target>

o A Compass of Attenuation (200 Iron Coins)
  - This compass can be ATTUNEd to a single item that you are holding, or is
    in the same room as you. Touching the compass will tell you where the
    item is, if possible! If being held by someone or something, it will tell
    you what's holding it, but not where the holder itself is.
  - Syntax: ATTUNE COMPASS <item>

o An extendable hand (200 Iron Coins)
   - Power: longhand
   - Now you can have the ability to annoy everybody. The extendable hand 
     allows you to use the POKE and SLAP emotes line-of-sight from you, 
     showing as an extendable hand entering the room and performing the 
     action on the target. Has a very small balance cost with its use.

o Cloak of Obscurity (500 Iron Coins)
  - Wearing the cloak of obscurity will hide your identity when 
    speaking and performing most non-combat actions.