INTRODUCTION - Aetolia Online Help


1.1  Syntax                The syntax that Aetolia's help files are in.
1.2  Concept               The concept behind Aetolia.
1.3  Aetolia               What makes Aetolia special in this genre.
1.4  Environment           The structure of Aetolia for the unfamiliar.
1.5  Conduct               Appropriate conduct for Aetolians.
1.6  Etiquette             Etiquette for dealing with young players.
1.7  Config                Change various aspects about your Aetolian experience.
   1.7.1  Ansi             Explore Aetolia in glorious technicolor!
1.8  Dictionary            A dictionary of Aetolia-related terms.
1.9  Service               How to obtain customer service.
1.10 MUD Intro             An introduction to MUDs in general.
1.11 New Players           Information for new players.
    1.11.1 NewbieAttacks   Attacking for the newest of players!
    1.11.2 What Now        How do you get along in this crazy world?