HUNTING ARTIFACTS - Aetolia Online Help


All powers may be added to existing artifacts via Qeddwyn, and need only
be within one's inventory to work. All powers work only for those to
whom the artifact is loyal.

The powers will increase the damage the player does to MOBILES ONLY while their current class is the class to which the power is attributed. The artifacts have three levels and confer a bonus of 5%, 10% and 15% for the three tiers.

Cost and Bonus
Level 1: 200cr for 5% bonus.
Level 2: 400cr for 10% bonus.
Level 3: 800cr for 15% bonus.

Class, item and powers
Below is a table of which item/power is attributed to each class.

CLASS             POWER                 ITEM
Ascendril       | hunt_ascendril      | An orichalcum elemental focus
Cabalist        | hunt_cabalist       | A withered curio 
Carnifex        | hunt_carnifex       | A jar of souls
Indorani        | hunt_indorani       | A bone idol
Luminary        | hunt_luminary       | A consecrated relic
Lycanthrope     | hunt_lycanthrope    | A wickedly curved claw 
Monk            | hunt_monk           | A studded touchstone
Praenomen       | hunt_praenomen      | A sanguine teardrop 
Sciomancer      | hunt_sciomancer     | A scroll of incantations
Sentinel        | hunt_sentinel       | A woodland charm 
Shaman          | hunt_shaman         | A tribal totem 
Syssin          | hunt_syssin         | A metallic fang
Templar         | hunt_templar        | A miniature battleaxe model 
Teradrim        | hunt_teradrim       | A runic clay jar 
Zealot          | hunt_zealot         | A meditation candle