HEALING YOURSELF - Aetolia Online Help


Healing in Aetolia may be accomplished in a number of ways, dependent upon your
resources and what it is you wish to heal. For those of the Undead, the
relevant information on healing can be found in HELP REANIMATION. You can get detailed information about the various afflictions in the realm by looking at AFFLICT LIST and the related commands under AFFLICT.

Sleeping and Meditating

Healing of health and endurance may be accomplished by sleeping, while mana
and willpower may be healed via meditation. SLEEP will put you to sleep, WAKE
will wake you up, MEDITATE will cause you to meditate and any command will
cause you to cease meditating. These are the most basic methods of healing,
but they are not really sufficient for an experienced adventurer, as they are
slow and require that you do not do anything else while performing them.

The other ways of healing are legion. They include abilities in various
skills, salves, elixirs, plants, and smoking. Nothing need be said here about
the abilities, as suitable help may be found on those within the skills.
However, the other methods need some explanation.

Elixirs and Salves
Elixirs are liquids that may heal health, mana, cure afflictions, or
set up various defences. Salves are also fluids, though note they are
thicker and are able to be spread on your body.

Both elixirs and salves come in the various types of vials found
throughout the land, and when full, can be used many times before
running out.

You may refer to elixirs and salves by the vial they are in. For example,
if you were holding a mahogony vial, you would type DRINK MAHOGONY VIAL
or DRINK <vial#>, etc. Often, you may wish to drink a certain type of
fluid contained in one of your vials. You may DRINK <fluid type> and
have Aetolia search for the first vial in your inventory containing that
type of fluid (also works with APPLY described below).  You may also
want to learn Vision until you have the "elixlist" ability, which will
allow you to list the contents of all the vials you are holding.

One drinks an elixir, but one applies a salve. One may apply a salve to
either head, arms, legs, or body. For instance, a salve of mending would
cure a broken arm if applied to your arm, and a broken leg if applied to
your legs.  The syntax would be APPLY <vial#> TO ARMS or APPLY MAHOGONY
VIAL TO ARMS. You may also simply do: APPLY MAHOGONY VIAL, for instance,
and the game will heal the first thing it finds that whatever is in your
mahogony vial can heal and that you are afflicted with.

You may purchase elixirs and salves from the marketplaces around Aetolia,
or you may ask someone of the Druid or Sentinel class for them.

Plants, in this context, are things that you eat. (Some may be smoked. See the
next section.) Eating plants generally cure afflictions, or set up defences
for you. You may find both of these for sale in marketplaces around Aetolia, or
you may contact a Druid or Sentinel to buy them.

Some defences, such as an anti-weapon field (created by smoking the skullcap
plant), and some cures are effected by smoking plants. To do this, you simply
find yourself a nice pipe, PUT <whatever> IN PIPE, LIGHT PIPE (you must have a
source of fire, such as a tinderbox in your inventory), and then SMOKE PIPE. A
lit pipe will eventually go out if you don't smoke it now and then, but you
can simply relight it.

You will find a list of some of the elixirs, salves, and useful plants in HELP