Head of Novices - Aetolia Online Help

8.8.3 Head of Novices

The guild position of Head of Novices is a very important one to the guild. This person, appointed by the Guildmaster, is responsible for ensuring that the guild novices get attention, and get promoted in a timely fashion, assuming they are ready.                                

This position may be called different things in different guilds, so do not get confused. For instance, you might see 'Cub Headmistress' or something similar.  

The Head of Novices may appoint any number of aides within the guild to assist in the duties that come with the position. When those who hold this position or are aided to it are online, HELP <guild> will show their names. Those who hold the position of Head of Novice or Novice Aide can look at GUILD PRIVS to see what powers come with the position. Notable among these privileges is the ability to set the novice greeting, which will allow the Head of Novices to instruct the Guild Tutor to welcome novices on command. GUILD NOVICEGREETING (message) will accomplish this. To include the novice's name, add the $name tag.

The Novice Head and his or her aides should always try to keep the Guild
Novice Tell (GNT) on (HELP GUILDTELL) so that questions and concerns    
from novices may be easily addressed. 

Remember, this position and its aides are the primary contact for       
novices wishing to join your guild. Take care of them, and your guild   
will benefit with increased power and credits.