Guild novices - Aetolia Online Help

8.7.1 Guild novices

Anyone who does not have a class yet may go to Aaranu, the Guild     
Ambassador, in Esterport, and ASK AARANU JOIN <guild>. You will be    
inducted into the guild (see HELP NIGHTSTALKERS about becoming a        
nightstalker in a Consanguine house), and will gain two of the three    
guild skills of that class. Until you have gained the 31st circle of    
experience and learned as much as you can in both of the guild skills   
you have gained, your ability to learn those skills further will be     
limited to the level of Adept, and you will not be able to use any      
guild-related commands except for guild novice tell (HELP GUILDTELL).   
As a Novice, you may quit or be kicked out of a guild, and you will be  
refunded 100% of the lessons that you spent learning the guild skills   
that you lost. Further, Aaranu will only grant you entrance to a     
particular guild once. If you've left or been kicked out of a guild, you
will have to ask a guild member of the guild to induct you.             

Directions to Aaranu may be found in HELP AARANU.

You can graduate out of novicehood in your guild once you have achieved 
Level 31 and are 100% Adept in both of your guild skills. Type GRADUATE 
FROM NOVICEHOOD to do so whenever you are ready.                        

For reference purposes, the two skills that novices gain are, by class:

Cabalists:    Numerology and Necromancy
Indorani:     Necromancy and Tarot
Carnifex:     Deathlore and Savagery
Luminaries:   Spirituality and Devotion
Ascendrils:   Crystalism and Elemancy
Sciomancers:  Crystalism and Sciomancy
Monk:         Kaido and Tekura
Templars:     Righteousness and Battlefury
Sentinels:    Dhuriv and Woodlore
Shamans:      Primality and Shamanism
Syssin:       Assassination and Subterfuge
Teradrim:     Terramancy and Desiccation 
Vampires:     Corpus and Mentis
Zealots:      Tekura and Illumination

NOTE: Vampires are also known as Consanguine or Praenomen.