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4.9.1 Engagement

Before two partners can undergo the Rites of Unity, their devotion to
one another must be found strong enough to withstand the test of time.
This "engagement" period serves to ensure that the partnership is not
entered into lightly, and the marriage of the two souls is not entered
into with haste.

To begin the engagement period, one of the two partners should PROPOSE
UNITY TO <partner> WITH <object>, where the object is some item
symbolizing their devotion to one another, such as a ring or a valuable
heirloom. After the engagement has been formalized, the partners must
endure a two-season period before their union can be formalized through
the Rites of Unity. Note that this proposal can only be entered into if
both parties are at least of the 30th level and have been within the
realm for a minimum of 75 hours.
At any time during this engagement period, either of the partners may
BREAK PROPOSAL to end the engagement. Should the proposal be made once
more and accepted, the period will start over and a further two season
will need to be endured. Once the Rites of Unity have been given,
however, the partners can then only separate by sundering the union, by
means of SUNDER UNITY WITH <partner>. This process requires 100,000 gold sovereigns in the inventory of the individual sundering the union to be 
carried out.