Dhuriv - Aetolia Online Help Dhuriv

An ancient and elegant art perfected by the Sentinels of old, the skill 
of Dhuriv was only recently rediscovered after the woodland spirits of  
Dendara fled from the reach of the descendants of those long-deceased   
warriors. Engaging the use of the dhurive, a two-handed staff of wood   
fitted with punishing blades on either end, those who practice the art  
of Dhuriv are a deadly and mesmerizing foe.                             

Combining an elegant series of acrobatic techniques with the powerful   
strikes and flourishes made possible with the dhuriv, the Sentinel      
warrior is capable of numerous feats. In addition, those trained with   
the dhuriv know well the capabilities of a wide range of poisons, and   
are even able to combine the naturally occurring toxins to introduce new
and more debilitating effects within their enemies.