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11 Deities of Aetolia

Orderless Gods
   11.1.1  Varian          The Celestine, Creator of Aetolia.
   11.1.2  Razmael         The Synthesist.
   11.1.3  Tydeus          The Parity.
   11.1.4  Galleus         The Voidseer.
   11.1.5  Belakai         The Shaper.
The Divine Pantheon
   11.2.1  Auresae         Goddess of Fire.
   11.2.2  Damariel        The Unbound.
   11.2.3  Dhar            The Underking.
   11.2.4  Chakrasul       Goddess of Corruption.
   11.2.5  Haern           The Hunter.
   11.2.6  Iosyne          The Malevolent.
   11.2.7  Ivoln           The Earthen Lord.
   11.2.8  Maghak          The Sovereign.
   11.2.10 Omei            The Queen of Beasts.
   11.2.11 Severn          The Manipulator.
   11.2.12 Slyphe          The Fabricator.

Departed Gods
   11.3.2  Dhaivol         The Junctioned Underking.
   11.3.3  Khepri          Mistress of Mirth.
   11.3.4  Rahn            Lord of Flame.
   11.3.5  Lanos           Lord of Truth.
   11.3.6  Arion           Lord of Valor.
   11.3.13 Ysmali          The Sanguine.
   11.3.8  Lleis           Goddess of Renewal.
   11.3.9  Niuri           The Goddess of Mystery.

   11.4  Essence           The Severance and Emergence of Essence.
   11.5  Celani            Servants of the Gods.
   11.6  Divinefavor       Rewards and punishments from the Gods.
   11.7  DivineOrder       All about the Order of a Divine.
   11.8  Offerings         Offering things to the Gods at holy shrines.
   11.9  Temples           The Temples of the Gods.
   11.10 Patronage         The purpose of Divine Patronage.
   11.11 Holywars          The Orders march to War.
   11.12 Congregations     For those seeking to join a Divine Order.

The Gods of Albedos
   11.13.1 Ohlsana         Who is this unfathomable being of darkness?