A Target Dummy: (200/400/800cr)
  Artifact Property - substitution
  - Increases the dodge chance on mob_impale. Dodge chances are 33%/50%/66% 
    for levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

A circlet of the will: (250cr)
  Artifact Property - willpower
  - Increased regeneration of willpower.

A shining ring of endurance: (250cr)
  Artifact Property - endurance
  - Increased regeneration of endurance.

Cane of the Quickening: (300cr)
  Artifact Property - Leg_support
  - Lets you walk normally, even if you have one leg broken.

Stalwart Armband: (400cr)
  Artifact Property - Resolve
  - Reduces stun duration by 35%.

Gem of Cloaking: (400cr)
  Artifact Property - Cloaking
  - Keeps you off the who list. Activate and deactivate by saying 'Tulahuar'.

A silver amulet of protection: (500cr)
  Artifact Property - protection
  - If not worn with armour, this will increase your blunt and cutting 
    protection equivalent to 20/20 armour. Otherwise when worn with armour 
    it will provide an increase equivalent to 10/10 armour.

Amulet of the Moon: (500cr)
  Artifact Property - Sunbane
  - Reduces damage that Vampires take from the sun. It will also
    eliminate any afflictions that the sun might deal out.

A Suit of Reflexive Webbing (500cr)
  Artifact Property - avoidance_recovery
  - This artifact will reduce the cooldown of Avoidance's nimbleness and 
    fortify skills to two minutes.

Wooden Ring of Vigour: (500cr)
  Artifact Property - heal_bonus
  - Will increase the amount of health that is restored when you use a
    health elixir or analeptic serum by 10%, 20% or 30% depending on
    its power level.

Flowing Ring of Clarity: (500cr)
  Artifact Property - heal_mana_bonus
  - Will increase the amount of mana that is restored when you use a 
    mana elixir or stimulant serum by 10%, 20% or 30% depending on its
    power level.

Iosai Lyre: (500cr)
  Artifact Property - Prismatic Barrier
  - Create a prismatic barrier about yourself that will defend against
    many, BUT NOT ALL, attacks.

Boots of Celerity: (600cr)
  Artifact Property - Celerity
    - Increase the amount you may move before getting told you are being
      too hasty. This will stack with the Celerity skill.

Mask of Lifevision: (750cr)
  Artifact Property - Lifevision
  - Lets you see people who are hidden in your room and give you a
    chance to see through illusions.

Ring of Resistance: (750cr)
  Artifact Property - Magic_protection
  - Reduce magical damage by 10%

Boots of the Spider: (800cr)
  Artifact Property - Web evasion
  - Prevents being hit by the web tattoo.

Wand of Reflection: (800cr)
  Artifact Property - Reflections
    - When POINTed at yourself or another, it will create a reflection of them.
    - Has three uses, which will each recharge 60 seconds after their use.

Cloak of Shadow: (800cr)
  Artifact Property - Shroud
  - Lets you use the shroud ability, which will hide you from many in
    the room.

A silver crown: (850cr)
  Artifact Property - equilibrium_recovery
  - Reduces the time it takes to recover equilibrium by about 7%.

Hood of Elusion: (2000cr)
  Artifact Property - Elusion
  - Hides you from nearly all mortal abilities that reveal your 
    location. Only the owner of a Hood of Elusion will be able to 
    locate you with one-time abilities, such as sense. Continuous 
    tracking abilities will still find you.

A a Celestine flowing ring of clarity: (2000cr)
  Artifact Property - heal_mana_bonus(3)
  - Will increase the amount of mana that is restored when you use a mana 
    elixir or stimulant serum by 30%.

A Trio of Meditation Balls: (150cr)
  Artifact Property - focused_meditation
  - While meditating, none of your mana-draining defences will impose their 
    drains upon you.

An Ensign of the Alliance: (1600cr)
  Artifact Property - alliance
  - When you EMBED this into the ground, it will instantly bring all your mutual 
    allies to your room. They must be on the same continent/plane as you, and 
    neither of you can be standing on a monolith. 
    Once embedded, the artifact will not return to you until it resets, and 
    cannot be picked up or recalled in any manner.

A Mirror of the Coadjutor: (200cr)
  Artifact Property - ally_follow
  - SMILE at this mirror and any of your mutual allies in the room with you will 
    begin to follow you.