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22 Crafting Index

These are all of the files related to crafts and crafting.

   22.1  Crafting              The basics of tradecrafts.
     22.1.1 Paperless Crafting     The paperless crafting system.
     22.1.2 Crafting Channel Rules The rules of the Crafters channel.
     22.1.3 Crafting References    OOC versus IC terms
   22.2  Approval              General approval guidelines.
     22.2.1 Tailoring              Tailoring approval guidelines.
     22.2.2 Woodcraft              Woodcraft approval guidelines.
     22.2.3 Jewelcraft             Jewelcraft approval guidelines.
     22.2.4 Cooking                Cooking approval guidelines.
     22.2.5 Furniture              Furniture approval guidelines.
     22.2.6 Brewing                Brewing approval guidelines.
     22.2.7 Talents                Talent general guidelines.
     22.2.8 Forging                Forging general guidelines.
     22.2.9 Papercrafting          Papercrafting general guidelines.
     22.2.10 Barding               Barding approval guidelines.
   22.3  DesignGuidelines      Guidelines for good crafting.
     22.3.1  Important Rulings     Rulings to take note of.
   22.4  Crafting Commodities  Crafting Commodities
   22.5  Crafting References   What to call your crafts?
     22.5.1  Tailoring References  What do you call your tailored items?
     22.5.2  Woodcraft References  What do you call these wood things?
     22.5.3  Jewelcraft References What do you call these shiny items?
     22.5.4  Cooking References    What would you call that meal?
     22.5.5  Furniture References  What would you call that chair?
     22.5.6  Floristry References  What's that? A lei or a garland?
     22.5.7  Forging References    Armour or armor?
   22.6  Dyekits               Spruce up that tunic.
   22.7  Metals                Various minerals and precious ores.
   22.8  Cooking Materials     A list of cooking materials and locations.
   22.9  Brewing Materials     A list of brewing materials and locations.
   22.10 Fumology Materials    A list of fumology materials.
   22.11 Jewelcraft Materials  A list of gems and materials for jewelcraft.
   22.12 Floristry Materials   A list of flowers and floristry materials.
   22.13 Special Commodities   A list of specially made commodities.
   22.14 Forging Materials     A list of materials specific to forging.