Crafting and Trade Artifacts - Aetolia Online Help

23.1.11 Crafting and Trade Artifacts

The following artifacts are available through Qeddwyn:

A jar of varnish: (25cr)
  - This artifact is consumed after one use.
  - You can APPLY VARNISH TO <furniture> to make an item crafting with the 
    furniture tradeskill not decay.
  - The furniture is still vulnerable to mushroom sigils and similar forms of

A Wooden Keg: (25cr)
   - Works like a cask, allows you to store brewing liquids.

A Small Wooden Cask: (40cr)
  Artifact Power: cask
    - Refer to HELP CASKS

A Scroll Rack: (40cr)
  Artifact Power: enchant_store
    - Refer to HELP CASKS

A collapsible shelf: (100/200/400cr)
  Artifact Power: stockroom_expand
    - When placed in a shop's stockroom, this artifact will expand the 
      stockroom's max size by 100/200/400. Only one shelf per stockroom will

A Do It Yourself Carpentry Kit: (150cr)
  Artifact Power: extra_shelves
    - Doubles the amount of shop shelves you can have in your shop from 10 
      to 20. Drop it in your stockroom for it to work.

Clockwork craft gnome: (200cr)
  Artifact power: craftgnome
    - Allows the owner to perform all crafting activities, that would
      normally require being in a crafting office, from anywhere.

Workbook: (250cr)
    - This item will hold up to 50 tradeskill designs of any
      type, keeping them from decaying.

Gardener's Gloves: (300cr)
   Artifact Power: quick_harvest
     - Doubles the amount of herbs you can harvest per day and
       halves balance loss when harvesting and tending.

Wicked Scalpel: (300cr)
  Artifact Power: scalpel
    - If in one's possession, the scalpel will passively double the
      organs retrieved from any Necromantic dissection.

Quill of Engraving: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: Engraving
    - Lets you engrave messages on clothing, jewelry, armor, and weapons.

A Venantium Ladle: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: brewing_boon
    - Doubles the number of brewing sips produced from the same number of

A Venantium Needle: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: sewing_boon
    - Doubles the number of tailoring items produced from the same number of 

A Venantium Fork: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: cooking_boon
   - Doubles the number of cooking items produced using the same number of commodities.

A Venantium Carving Knife: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: woodcraft_boon
   - Doubles the number of woodcraft items produced from the same number of 

A Venantium Jeweler's Chisel: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: jewelcraft_boon
    - Doubles the number of jewelcraft items produced from the same number of 

A Small Venantium Hammer: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: furniture_boon
    - Doubles the number of furniture items produced from the same number of 

A Collapsible Anvil: (500cr)
  Artifact Power: portable_forge
    - Allows you to forge items anywhere that you drop this item. 
    - Bonus feature: While flying, you can DROP ANVIL ON <target>.

Hammer of Forging: (750cr)
  Artifact Power: Forging_boon
    - Increases the chance of higher stats when refining. Stacks 
      with the racial ability as well.