Crafting and Trade Artifacts - Aetolia Online Help

23.1.11 Crafting and Trade Artifacts

The following artifacts are available through Qeddwyn:

A jar of varnish: (25cr)
  - This artifact is consumed after one use.
  - You can APPLY VARNISH TO <furniture> to make an item crafting with the 
    furniture tradeskill not decay.
  - The furniture is still vulnerable to mushroom sigils and similar forms of

A Wooden Keg: (25cr)
   - Works like a cask, allows you to store brewing liquids.

A Small Wooden Cask: (40cr)
  Artifact Power: cask
    - Refer to HELP CASKS

A Scroll Rack: (40cr)
  Artifact Power: enchant_store
    - Refer to HELP CASKS

A collapsible shelf: (100/200/400cr)
  Artifact Power: stockroom_expand
    - When placed in a shop's stockroom, this artifact will expand the 
      stockroom's max size by 100/200/400. Only one shelf per stockroom will

A Do It Yourself Carpentry Kit: (150cr)
  Artifact Power: extra_shelves
    - Doubles the amount of shop shelves you can have in your shop from 10 
      to 20. Drop it in your stockroom for it to work.

Clockwork craft gnome: (200cr)
  Artifact power: craftgnome
    - Allows the owner to perform all crafting activities, that would
      normally require being in a crafting office, from anywhere.

Workbook: (250cr)
    - This item will hold up to 50 tradeskill designs of any
      type, keeping them from decaying.

Gardener's Gloves: (300cr)
   Artifact Power: quick_harvest
     - Doubles the amount of herbs you can harvest per day and
       halves balance loss when harvesting and tending.

Wicked Scalpel: (300cr)
  Artifact Power: scalpel
    - If in one's possession, the scalpel will passively double the
      organs retrieved from any Necromantic dissection.

Quill of Engraving: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: Engraving
    - Lets you engrave messages on clothing, jewelry, armor, and weapons.

A Bag of Rock Salt: (200cr)
  Artifact Power: salt
    - Allows you to SALT <food> to temporarily increase the nourishment it 
      provides. This stacks with the satiation skill.

A Venantium Ladle: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: brewing_boon
    - Doubles the number of brewing sips produced from the same number of

A Venantium Needle: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: sewing_boon
    - Doubles the number of tailoring items produced from the same number of 

A Venantium Fork: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: cooking_boon
   - Doubles the number of cooking items produced using the same number of commodities.

A Venantium Carving Knife: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: woodcraft_boon
   - Doubles the number of woodcraft items produced from the same number of 

A Venantium Jeweler's Chisel: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: jewelcraft_boon
    - Doubles the number of jewelcraft items produced from the same number of 

A Small Venantium Hammer: (400cr)
  Artifact Power: furniture_boon
    - Doubles the number of furniture items produced from the same number of 

A Collapsible Anvil: (500cr)
  Artifact Power: portable_forge
    - Allows you to forge items anywhere that you drop this item. 
    - Bonus feature: While flying, you can DROP ANVIL ON <target>.

Hammer of Forging: (750cr)
  Artifact Power: Forging_boon
    - Increases the chance of higher stats when refining. Stacks 
      with the racial ability as well.


Tool runes can be bought and attached to a crafting tool for various effects.  Once attached, the only way you can get the rune back is by the tool being destroyed or decaying.

Only one of each rune type can be attached to a tool.

Syntax: ATTACH <rune> TO <tool>

A rune of Amelioration
Power: toolboost
Cost: 100/200/400

Each level of this rune will increase the skill bonus of the crafting tool (specifically, a tool like a baking pan. Not artifact tools) it is attached to by 10%. Crafting checks skill when determining things like decay times, nourishment, and prestige.

*Currently, the only tool using craft is Cooking.