Conduct - Aetolia Online Help

1.5 Conduct

When in Aetolia, it is important to remember that the other characters  
have human beings behind them. No matter how good a roleplayer you are, 
if you are a serious player, you will have some attachment to your      
character, as will your opponent. Rivalry is expected and in fact       
encouraged in many instances, because this allows for a greater         
intensity of experience.                                                

Rivalry should never be extended to the OOC (out of character) realm,   
however. This includes not only obvious transgressions like personal    
threats, sexual harassment, etc., but also childish name-calling and    
intentional efforts to crush the spirit of the player behind the        
character. The job of the administration is to make the game as         
enjoyable as possible for all players, and any player who makes others  
want to quit the game will not be dealt with favorably.                 

That said, emotion is a necessary and unavoidable component of a        
roleplaying game such as Aetolia. Try to keep your rivalry with others  
on an entertaining and above all in-character level, and you'll be fine.