CONCOCTIONS - Aetolia Online Help


Concoctions is the art of combining knowledge of various plants and other ingredients with a bit of earth magic. The result is a series of concoctions with various purposes, ranging from healing, to levitation, to protection against certain types of damage.                          

Before you can make any concoctions, you must go out and harvest the ingredients or, in a few cases, collect or purchase them. Read HELP HARVESTING to learn more about this.                                    

Initially, you will only be able to make few elixirs and a salve. To make an elixir, you will first have to obtain a pot - it does not need to be of a specific design. Then, you will collect the proper ingredients for what you are trying to concoct, and INPOT <ingredient> TO <pot> for each ingredient. To make more than one elixir at a time, simply multiply the number of each ingredient by the number of batches you want.                                                               

Once you have all the ingredients in the pot, you may BOIL <pot> FOR <elixir>. After a couple of moments, the mixture will stop boiling and you will either have a useless mess or an elixir or salve. If you were successful, you may FILL <vial/EMPTY/FLUIDCACHE> FROM <pot>.

If it is a useless mess, it means you have somehow improperly brewed the elixir: you will want to EMPTY <pot> before putting anything else in it, and may want to double check the herbs you have added. Probing your pot will show you what is inside of it. 

Note: Vials, pots, pipes, and tinderboxes are all made by woodcrafters - should you require them.