Through the epochs, the Goddess of Corruption has stalked the lands, preying on those who are easily swayed by dreams of power, or greatness. She has engendered some of the greatest tragedies of the ages, tainted the greatest of sages, warriors and defenders of the light. Not even the Grand Artifice could erase the fear stirred by Her deeds.

In the year 453, She reformed Herself to be more readily known as the "Dark Mother", seeing Herself as a motherly figure that heads Her new Church of Corruption. Many of the things of the past are in the past to Her, no longer being valid to Her teachings on the Spiral. Even Her Isle of Despair, Tiyen Indoron, is mostly left behind in the wake of Her reformation.

She teaches freedom in Her Spiral, the capability to truly find ones inner self by accepting the truth of Corruption. She carries no specific tenets, seeing as there are many ways to discover and revel in Corruption. Freedom is only truly known when one gives into temptation, realizes the truth in it, and lets themselves run wild.

If you wish to strike a bargain with Her, She is more than willing to do so - gladly handing out gifts and exchanges. However, know that there is always a cost. It is only a matter of if She will reveal it when making the deal or if She will simply take it. Barter at your own risk.

Her primary symbol is the bell. Her favored colors are purple and black, specifically amethyst and onyx.