Casks and Racks - Aetolia Online Help

7.10.2 Casks and Racks

Casks are special artifacts used to store elixirs, salves, and venoms. Their liquids are not accessible directly, but casks can be used to refill any vial. Casks can be filled by filling them from a pot or cauldron, or by milking directly into them. Casks can be set up in stockrooms to sell refills through shops directly, and will not passively reset to their owner's inventory like most artifacts. Casks can hold up to 65,535 refills.

These commands are used for interacting directly with casks:

  FILL <cask> FROM <pot or cauldron>
  - This will take the liquid contained in the pot or cauldron and deposit into
    the cask.
  - This will put a single refill into the cask. The balance required to to this
    is much more than milking into a vial as it adds an entire refill.

  FILL <vial> FROM <cask>
  - These commands will fill a vial from a cask. There is a very short balance
    requirement. Those with transcendent concoctions will add an extra 10 sips
    to the vial.
  FILL <vial> WITH <liquid type>
  - This command will search your inventory for a cask containing the type of
    liquid specified and refill your vial with it.
  PRICE <cask> <price> [SHELF <#>]
  - This command is for shopkeepers only. It will set the cask to allow refills
    at a certain price.

  PREPARE [amount] <poultice> POULTICE INTO CASK
  - This command will prepare a quantity of poultice and store it within a cask.

This artifact is capable of storing enchantment charges that you can then sell in a shop, similar to casks. Each rack can only store a single variation of enchantment, and hold up to 65000 charges for them.

After performing ENCHANT FOR <enchantment>, instead of doing the regular enchantment commands, you can do ENCHANT STORE <rack> to store an enchantment charge in the rack.

To remove the enchantment from the rack and all its charges, to ENCHANT DISCHARGE <rack>

To buy the enchantment when in a shop, you can do ENCHANT <item> FROM <rack/enchantment>, if it's an applied enchantment like resistances or icewall, or ENCHANT FROM <rack/enchantment> if it's a created item, like a worrystone.