CABALIST ARTIFACTS - Aetolia Online Help


Below are a list of artifacts that directly affect those of the Cabalist class.


Collars of Augmention        400-1600cr
Artifact Property: magic_potence
Increases damage done for the following attacks:
   * Necromancy: Decay

Level 1:       10% increase           400cr
Level 2:       15% increase           800cr
Level 3:       20% increase          1600cr

Silver Crown                      850cr
Artifact Property: equilibrium_recovery
Reduces equilibrium costs by 7%.


An imbued shroud                  350cr
Artifact Property: incorporeal_mastery
This artifact power will halve the passive drain upon your willpower while in blackwind.

Chaotic globe of the necromancer  500cr
Artifact Property: necro_boon
While in your inventory, this will lower the cost of any ability that uses essence by 50%.

An Amulet of Imal                 400cr
Artifact Property: essence_regen
Wearing this power will triple the amount of life essence you gain from the natural essence regen.

Collar of Domination               50cr
Creates a permanent pact with an entity.
*NOTE* Does not work on Golgotha, and will be destroyed after use.
Use DECLARE COLLAR once domination has begun.