Brewing - Aetolia Online Help

9.3.5 Brewing

The skill of brewing is one that transforms ordinary ingredients into   
drinks of flavoursome variety; from the warm cup of kawhe during the    
winter nights, to the sweet wine of weddings and to mass produced rum   
for the rowdy soldiers.                                                 

If you wish to learn the trade of brewing, you must be trained by a     
crafting guild of any city. Once you are at the crafting office, you 
need to BUY BREWING PERMIT, which costs 100 credits. The permit does
not expire. Initially, your skill in brewing will be limited, but the 
more you learn in this skill, the more ingredients you are able to
add to your formula and the amount of sips that you will be able to 
make is also increased.                                      

To create a brew, you must first request a blank brewing formula from   
any of the crafting guild offices with DESIGN BREW REQUEST. You will    
then be able to add any ingredients to the formula and customize the way
the brew will taste.                                                    

1) Request a blank brewing formula from a craft guild office.

2) Collect the ingredients you wish to mix, and add them into the       
formula with DESIGN <formula> ADD # <ingredient>.                       

3) You can then customize the way your brew will be experienced by      

   DESIGN <#> APPEARANCE <description>
   DESIGN <#> SHORT <description>
   DESIGN <#> SMELL <description>
   DESIGN <#> SIP <description>
   DESIGN <#> LASTSIP <description>
   DESIGN <#> EXAMINED <description>
   DESIGN <#> TASTE <description>
   DESIGN <#> ALCOHOL <level>
   DESIGN <#> ADD <quantity> <component>

Note: For the SIP and LASTSIP fields, you are describing after 
they do the action of drinking, so must complete the greyed out
sentence (EG: . The water is cold on the tongue.) If you 
reference the container holding the liquid, use $(thing$). 

*** Subnote: Consumers can LOOK AT FLUID IN <vessel> to see the examined.

4) Once your formula is completed, you must then take your formula to a 
craft guild office and DESIGN <formula> SUBMIT it for evaluation. When  
it has been approved, you will then receive a letter from the craft     
guild, and must then pay the appropriate fees.                          

5) When your formula has been approved and paid for, you may start      
brewing it immediately! First, obtain a cooking pot, and with that you  
will be able to begin brewing. Collect those ingredients that you need, 
and then BREW <amount> <design> [IN <pot>]!                         

6) When the pot has been mixed, you will need to find a still, and then 
use EMPTY POT INTO STILL or POUR POT INTO STILL. Following this, you    
will need to FIRE STILL, upon which the mixture will begin brewing. When
the brew is complete, transfer the brew from the still back to your pot 
with FILL POT FROM STILL, and you may then begin to spread the contents 
of your pot to other vials, bottles, and such. Note: A still is only 
required for designs that include alcohol.