ARTIFACT ARMAMENTS - Aetolia Online Help


The following are available from Qeddwyn:

A stalwart armband: (400cr)
 Artifact Property - Resolve
 - Reduces stun duration by 35%.

Artifact Shields: (300cr)
 - Each shield has its own protective statistics, and can have a resistance added to them.
A jewel encrusted buckler                   50/50
A rune-covered cavalry shield               50/50
A gem-lined banded shield                   50/50
A spiked kite shield                        50/50
A reinforced tower shield                   50/50
Artifact Shield Resistances: (350cr)
 - Each Resistance that you can add to a shield will give you a 15% damage reduction for its type; however you can only have one resistance per shield. The following resistances are available.

Fire Resistance
Cold Resistance
Electricity Resistance
Asphyxiation Resistance
Poison Resistance
Psychic Resistance

Amulet of Protection: (500cr)
  - Grants protection equivalent to 20/20 Cut/Blunt protection armor,
    so long as you're not wearing any other armour. If you do wear
    other armour with the amulet, the protection it grants is halved.