SPECIFICS OF AETOLIA - Aetolia Online Help


6.1  Guides           Characters who exist to help newbies.
   6.2  Mentors          Mentoring younger players.
      6.2.1  ForMentors     A short guide for mentors.
      6.2.2  MentorBenefits A list of bonuses for mentors and proteges.
   6.3  Levels           Levels of experience.
      6.3.1  LevelList      A list of the player experience levels.
   6.4  Orghelp          Help files for you organizations
   6.5  Composer         The Aetolian composer.
   6.6  Reading          Reading things like books, and journals.
   6.7  Writing          Writing on various things.
   6.8  Journals         Journals in which to record your adventures.
   6.9  Libraries        The system of libraries in Aetolia.
   6.10 Contests
      6.10.1  Artisanals    A contest for artists.
      6.10.2  Bardics       A contest for the literary.
   6.11 Weather          Aetolia's weather system.
   6.12 Elevations
      6.12.1  Trees         Climb into the treetops.
      6.12.2  Flying        Soar above the land.
      6.12.3  Digging       Unearth all kinds of treasure!
   6.13 Invisibility     About invisibility and how to deal with it.
   6.14 Groups           How to form groups with other players.
   6.15 Allies           How to declare someone your official ally.
   6.16 Enemies          How to brand someone your official enemy.
   6.17 Elections        All about elections and referendums.
   6.18 Economy
      6.18.1 Shops          The commands to deal with shops.
      6.18.2 Shopkeeping    Owning a shop and the commands to use it.
      6.18.3 Commodities    Special shops stocking raw materials.
      6.18.4 Banking        Depositing and withdrawing gold from banks.
   6.19 Houses           Get a place of your own!
   6.20 Landmarks        Potent and mysterious places of power.
   6.21 Undead           Things that go bump in the night.
      6.21.1  BecomeUndead  Learn how to become one of the undead.
      6.21.2  UndeadStats   Differing statistics for living and undead.
   6.22 Peers            Those who are neither allies nor enemies.
   6.23 Map              A briefing on the functionality of the map system.
      6.23.1  Speedwalking  Learn how to automatically navigate the land.
   6.24 Commodity Shops  Special village shops which sell components
   6.24 Announcements    Broadcast your message to your org
   6.28 Orghelps         Intra-organizational helpfiles