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12.3.4 Village of Eleusis

Bound by communal life to the earth, and forsaking the ramparts of traditional
brick cities, the Village of Eleusis is home to the forestal Houses. No walls
surround it, as the defenders prefer to use the natural camouflage that
comprise it to protect those who call the village home.

Wandering peddlers supplement the communal life of the village. Bakers, candle
makers, forgers, and glassblowers make the village lively as they hawk their
wares to the inhabitants of Eleusis.

What fuels Eleusian beliefs is a deep desire to protect the forest and those
who love it. Eleusis is a community for all forest folk; a place where they can
relax in safety and camaraderie. It is a village which exists solely for those
who devote themselves to Nature, and desire to be a bigger part of it.

Sitting in the treetops and stretching under the ground, Eleusis does not
impose itself on the forest which surrounds it, but rather, it exists in
harmony with its surroundings. It has no wall, no normal guards which patrol
it. Instead, the very trees will come alive should its villagers be attacked as
the treekin, dryads, and Tsol'aa archers who regularly visit respond to

                              "River, forest, sky
                          And ye with Nature at heart
                              Come together here"