The Village of Genji - Achaea Online Help

12.8.5 The Village of Genji

The village of Genji is located high in the Southern Vashnar Mountains.
Gehan and a group of his fellow Atavians founded the village after leaving
their Arcadian home and rejecting their race's traditional worship of
Vastar, the Skylord. Atavians who reside in Genji once devoted themselves to
Agatheis, the Elemental Lord. However, upon His demise they sought a new
Patron. Now, they worship the realm of Nature and the Earthmother.

In addition to aggressive animals native to the mountain range, a cavern of
ferocious manticores is located not far from the village. Responsible for
the death of Gehan, the creatures are loathed by the other Genji Atavians.