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8.2.13 The Luminai

The Luminai are a highly specialised assemblage of Targossians who understand
that knowledge is power: the key to Enlightenment. Through Enlightenment, the
Truth is revealed, leading to the triumph of Good over the forces that would
pervert this realm and hinder its growth. Through relentless study of countless
topics, and keen eyes and ears, these dedicated few strive to uncover both the
conundrums and mundane details of the world - and turn them into an advantage
for Good.

Operating out of the soaring Eye of Dawn within Targossas, the Luminai collect,
archive, analyse, and disseminate vast swathes of information to further the
mission of the Dawnspear. From simple data collection and observation of enemy
movements, to historical analysis, scientific experimentation, and esoteric
ritual, the knowledge and intellect of the Luminai is brought to bear against the
forces that would manipulate, oppress, or destroy our realm.

The Luminai are the illuminators of the path Targossas treads, and the unlockers
of doors barred by ignorance. They are the keepers of ancient secrets and
wielders of arcane ritual. Through their expertise, the Luminai ensure that the
Dawnspear will never be outmatched by forces unknown. They will stop at nothing
to arm the Dawnspear with the knowledge necessary to achieve its mission.