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The Luminai

The Luminai believe that knowledge is power: the key to Enlightenment. Through
Enlightenment, the Truth is revealed, leading to the triumph of Good over Evil,
Darkness, and Chaos. Their unwavering commitment to the gathering, analysis,
and dissemination of the information crucial to the success of the city of
Targossas establishes them as the lynchpin in the fight against the enemies of

The nature of their work often results in their service not always being fully
recognised - or indeed noticed. Such is the self-effacing strength of the
Luminai. The backbone of the city, sorting the day to day supply and demand of
information for the forces of Good, the House operates on a subtle, two-fold
assault in intelligence brokering and propaganda with nary a thought for their
own glory. 

The Luminai believe that information is the path to success in the fight
against Creation's enemies, and they will stop at nothing to gather, provide
and protect the intelligence that runs through the city's veins. They are the
support block, the unsung infrastructure by which the city runs. 

In a realm heavy with the burden of politics, information is golden.