The HTML5 Client - Achaea Online Help

19.3.1 The HTML5 Client

The HTML5 client is the newest way to connect FREE to Achaea! Using the latest in 
internet technologies, this is a full-featured client that opens directly in your 
browser. With this client, you can create triggers/aliases, save your settings on 
our server, interact with a graphical map, log your sessions, and much more. Even 
better, there are no downloads or loading screens, which you may have experienced 
with the Flash and Nexus clients previously released by IRE.

HTML5 is our preferred client, and opens by default whenever you hit the "Play 
Now" button on, should your browser support it. Currently Chrome, 
Firefox, and Safari support HTML5 technology, but Internet Explorer does not.

Bugs and/or feedback for this client should be submitted via the FEEDBACK button 
directly in the client!

For more information on the HTML5 client, visit: