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12.5.13 The Aerinewild

The Aerinewild is a forest that lies deep within the heart of the Aureliana.
Unspoilt by outsiders, it once hid the temple of the goddess Demeter, and later
Melantha, within its tangled vines and ancient trees.

The History of the Aerinewild

At the beginning of Time, when the forests were being created, Gaia looked at
the job She had to do and created a Celani named Demeter. Demeter was assigned
to take the fledgling forests and teach their spirits how to care for their
charges. Demeter looked at the task and created another forest in which the
nine sister spirits could grow unhindered by the rest of creation. Thus came 
about the Aerinewild.

When the nine forest spirits were nearly grown, a great elemental imbalance
threatened to undo all of the natural world as Gaia had created it. Fearing for
the safety of the forest spirits, She came to Demeter and asked for her help in
sealing the Aerinewild by a magical spell. This was necessary because the Lord
of Elements, Agatheis, had previously been transformed into a unicorn, and was
unable to control the growing imbalance in the elemental fields. Demeter,
realising the urgency of the situation, relinquished much of her essence to
Gaia, and the spell was cast to bind the entrance of the Aerinewild for

At the departure of the Earthmother, the magic binding the Aerinewild faltered.
Solely supported by the dreams of the sleeping Demeter, the forest had
continued to prosper inside the seal. As the seal got weaker and weaker, the
forest spirit which the sisters had created was unable to sustain it. Finally,
with a great shake, the seal collapsed and the forest was revealed.

When the sleeping Celani was awakened into a Goddess, She brought forth from
Her being a spirit to watch over the Aerinewild. Called Eupheme, she was
created in the likeness of Demeter and thus able to support the sacred place
where all of the forests stemmed from.