SWASHBUCKLING - Achaea Online Help


Swash your buckles with the best! Swashbuckling combines fast movement with a
quick wit, witty repartee, and a flashing rapier. Prove that elegance and
subtlety of approach will always dominate over brute force.

Swashbuckling combines a rapier and a keen mind to produce a truly effective
fighting machine.  The skill includes methods to deal death from above or parry
multiple places at once, your blade moving with breathtaking speed. Moving
between various specialised stances and dance about with acrobatic ease,
avoiding any damage from your clumsy opponent's blade.

Swashbuckling can only be truly effective when undertaken with a song-blessed
rapier, as everyone knows. To gain the blessing, simply take your rapier to the
Grotto of Song, which is off the beach in Tasur'ke. Once you have completed
"BATHE RAPIER IN SONG" you will have the perfect tool for the ultimate