Ship Maps and Mapping - Achaea Online Help

23.10 Ship Maps and Mapping

Maps are used to find one's way! Yes, this is true on ships too. If you have a
map on your ship, and the map is in the ship's Cartographer's desk, then
properly skilled crewmembers (in the Helm or Watch specialisations) will be
able to take SHIP BEARINGS to the place on the map, which means they will be
able to tell distance and direction, within limits.

SCRIBE map         while in some harbours, makes a blank map ready for use.
                   Blank maps are for sale from Maelstrom.
                   The 'mapscribe' ability is high in the Seafaring skill.

SHIP MAP LIST      while shipboard, shows your ship's maps.

PUT MAP IN DESK    adds map to ship's collection in the Cartographer's Desk.

GET MAP FROM DESK  removes map from ship's collection.

SHIP BEARINGS to   'to' is the place you're wanting to locate.

Use of maps generally requires a Cartographer's Desk. If you do not have one,