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23.20 Seaspells


Seaspells are powerful spells invoked through melding one's psyche with a
sea spirit that dwells within a ship. The command, helm, or watch of a ship
may shipmeld, each specialisation having different seaspells available to
it, ranging from summoning whirlpools to entrap your foes to calling cool
rains to extinguish shipboard conflagrations.

In order to invoke seaspells, you must first obtain a ship figurehead.
Vedel, the gypsy woodworker in Manusha, is known to carve and sell a handful
of figureheads. There may be more available from others.

Once a figurehead is in your possession, you must travel to the Altar of the
Sea Spirits, somewhere in the ocean to the southwest of Zaphar Isle. There,
provided you have the SHIPMELD ability, you must consecrate the figurehead. At
the altar, place the figurehead on the ground and PRAY TO SEA SPIRITS. Await a
while for consecration. When the figurehead is consecrated, you can take it to
your ship's bow and SHIP MOUNT <figurehead>. Only one figurehead may be mounted
at a time. Only the captain or the owner of the ship may mount or dismount a
figurehead. Dismounting the figurehead will drain all power it once held.

Once your figurehead is mounted, you must add power to it before any
seaspells may be invoked. Travel over water adds power to your figurehead,
so sail or row around for a while. Be warned: running down your stored power
to 0 will destroy your figurehead.

More documentation on how to shipmeld and use seaspells may be found in the
appropriate AB SEAFARING scrolls.