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7.15 Refills from Seasone


Very near New Thera, just south of Ashtan and southwest of "North of New Thera"
is Seasone, a very helpful inhabitant of Sapience.

To reach Seasone's hut from the Portals, simply go west, then south.

Adventurers visit Seasone's hut for many reasons. One of the big reasons is to
get refills for your vials. If you aren't sure how to get Seasone to help you,
remember that politely GREETing the inhabitants of Sapience is often a good

Bring a bit of gold and an empty vial, and try one of these:
   REFILL vial WITH type
   SUPERFILL vial WITH type

Seasone's current refill price list, subject to change without notice, is:

Caloric     -  800        Mana        -  300
Epidermal   -  800        Mending     - 1000
Health      -  300        Restoration - 1200
Immunity    -  800        Speed       -  800

Seasone's current SUPERFILL price list, subject to change without notice, is:

Caloric     - 3700        Mana        - 1400
Epidermal   - 3700        Mending     - 4000
Health      - 1400        Restoration - 4700
Immunity    - 3700        Speed       - 3700

A refill from Seasone is 40 sips. A superfill is 200 sips.

Alongside Seasone, it is possible the obtain refills from fellow adventurers, 
either in person or from a shop. HELP TUNS provides more information on this.