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12.5.17 Qurnok

The village of Qurnok is a small, dark patch of swamp near Green Lake,
within which lives a clan of trolls. Descendants of the Kasmarkin trolls,
the Qurnok clan escaped from the city as it sank beneath the depths of the
Mannaseh swamp, taking with them a single prized possession, the Cypress of
Mysteries. They ventured for days, finally stumbling upon a small area of
swamp near Green Lake. The trolls planted the Cypress in the centre of the
village, allowing it to grow to massive proportions as the miasma of dark
energy from which they once obtained their power continued to expand. Over
time, abuse of the tree's power has led to several ill effects throughout
the village, the most concerning to the trolls being the loss of the
protection they once enjoyed from curious and wayward outsiders.