POCKETBELTS - Achaea Online Help


Using pocketbelts, you may store a variety of plants and commodities in a safe
and orderly manner. A pocketbelt may hold 6 types of items, and a maximum of
250 of each of those types.

To use a pocketbelt, first purchase one (or more) and then use the following:

   INB [<amount>|ALL] <item>

      This will find a pocket containing the given type of item (or an
      empty one if there is none) and place them in the pocket for
      safe-keeping. If no amount is specified, it will use the first
      item found (if a grouping item, then the entire group).

   OUTB [<amount>|ALL] <item>

      This will take a number of the items out of a pocket of one of your
      pocketbelts (only if you've put some there to begin with). If no amount
      is specified, the default is take out only a single item.

      Also of note is that pocketbelts do not work exactly like the rift does. 
      With a rift you can do for instance outr all ink. With a pocketbelt you 
      must OUTB exactly what the item is. Doing OUTB INK will not work, instead
      use OUTB RED INK.


      Take a quick inventory of all your currently held pocketbelts.

You can also specify precisely which belt you would like to use by doing:

   INB [<amount>|ALL] <item> INTO <pocketbelt>
   OUTB [<amount>|ALL] <item> FROM <pocketbelt>

It should be noted that pocketbelts do decay with time along with all their
contents. See HELP RIFT for a better storage option.