Offensive Artefacts - Achaea Online Help

19.10.2 Offensive Artefacts


Artefacts are special items that can be purchased only with Bound Credits.
Unless otherwise stated, artefacts can be purchased in Merentesh's series of
shops in Delos. They will reset into your inventory frequently, which means
they cannot be loaned out, or stolen(!), for very long. Some only work for the
owner. They never decay. They cannot be changed to reset to anyone else's
inventory, so do not buy artefacts of any kind if you intend to sell them.

Note About Stacking
Artefact effects (for similar artefacts) don't combine or stack. If you have,
say, a Collar of Ceylon and a Collar of Agatheis, then only one will boost
damage of a magical nature. If you have a Logosian Ring and a Mayan Ring, then
only one will increase the value of sipping a health elixir. In general, the
best item rules, but there may be exceptions. So don't count on having two
artefacts and somehow stacking their effects.

   Steel stiletto               50     210     219     200 credits
   Ivory stiletto               53     217     225     400 credits
   Deisian stiletto             56     222     231     800 credits

Javelins:                     Damage  To-hit  Speed   Cost
   Babel's Pin                 255     146      83     525 credits
   Babel's Barb                267     153      87     800 credits
   Babel's Fury                279     160      91    1300 credits

Bows:  These shoot more quickly, do more damage, and hit more easily than a
       darkbow. The damage and to-hit percentages aren't possible to give
       because they are only one of many factors - suffice it to say that
       the more expensive bows are more accurate and do more damage.

  Note: The base price of bows is based on having the DARKBOWS ability.
        Should you not have this class ability, you can purchase the 
        "shooting" option via the ARTEFACT command, which grants the 
        owner the ability to use the SHOOT command: 
           SHOOT <adventurer> [direction] -or-
           SHOOT <adventurer> WITH METEOR.

   Ranger's Bow                       7% faster        250 credits
   Shooting Addon                                     +100 credits
   Velocity Bow                      14% faster        550 credits
   Shooting Addon                                     +250 credits
   Lupine Bow                        22% faster       1000 credits
   Shooting Addon                                     +500 credits

Offspring Talisman:                      500 credits - faster_eq(1)
  - Reduces the time it takes to recover equilibrium, by about 7%.

Aldar Diadem OR Aldar talisman:         1000 credits - faster_eq(2)
   - Reduces the time it takes to recover equilibrium, by about 15%.

   - These increase damage done to opponents from abilities that are
     magical in nature. These abilities include cast (or grove) lightning, 
     cast firelash, thornrend, staffcast, stormhammer, accentato, holocaust
     globe, kai choke, distort aura, utter truename, warp, taint, purity, 
     decay, star tarot, thurisaz rune, educe iron, and mind crush.

   Collar of Ceylon:     10% increase    400 credits - magic_damage(1)
   Collar of Diablerie:  15% increase    800 credits - magic_damage(2) 
   Collar of Agatheis:   20% increase   1600 credits - magic_damage(3)

Bracers of Frost:                       1000 credits - frost_mastery
   - FREEZE GROUND - Cover the ground in ice. 
   - FREEZE <person> - Freeze an opponent. 
   - CAST DEEPFREEZE - Deepfreeze all your enemies that are in the same
     location with you, if you could otherwise interact with that person
     (taking into account astralform, phase,  blackwind, and the like).
   - POINT <bracers> <direction> - Create an icewall to block the

Scorpion's Tail:                         800 credits - sting
   - Wear it and then you may sting people with your tail, delivering the
     Loki venom (which hits the person with a random venom).

Boomerangs:                              450 credits
   - Throw these at someone in your line of sight (up to 10 rooms away) and
     the boomerang will try to bring your target to you. The syntax is:
     THROW BOOMERANG AT <target> <direction>
   * one-way exits will defeat boomerangs.
   * the same things that prevent a yank will prevent a boomerang from
     succeeding (impaled, massed, stand firm, rooted, clinging) plus
     grounding vibes, being at a dock, restrained by tentacles or grave
     hands, or a rite of piety.

Bracers of Flame:                        400 credits - fire_mastery
   - Grants the wielder the ability to FIRELASH and cast FIREWALLS. Can also
     be used in place of a tinderbox in most cases.

Whip of Taming:                          300 credits
   - Gives someone the pacifism affliction when hit.
      * Cannot be used for garrote.

A knotted leather cord:                  250cr - dauntless
   - Signal yourself as a long-time member of The Dauntless!
   - Ownership of this cord allows you to JOIN DAUNTLESS from anywhere at
     no cost.
   - You will not be automatically removed from The Dauntless after a
     year's membership.
   - Once the minimum year has passed, you can QUIT DAUNTLESS to resign
     from the ranks, but may join again at no cost whenever you wish.

Critical Hit Pendants
   - These pendants allow you to get extra critical hits when hunting.
     Everybody, at every level, has a chance of getting a critical hit.
     The higher the level, the higher the chance of getting a critical
     hit _and_ the higher the chance of getting harder hits. These
     pendants increase both the chance of getting a critical hit and
     the chance of getting harder hits. To give a couple of examples
     of critical hit chances: level 50 = 1.6% chance of getting a
     critical hit; level 65 = 6.4%; level 80 = 16.6%.

   Fire pendant:     2% increase         200 credits - criticals(1)
   Blood pendant:    4% increase         600 credits - criticals(2)  
   Stygian pendant:  6% increase        1200 credits - criticals(3)

Vambraces of the Berserker:              300 credits - battlerage_decay
   - Harness the power of the berserker to extend your battlerage's lifespan.

Band of the Berserker:                   250 credits - battlerage_support
   - Increase the damage dealt by your allies' conditional damage battlerage
     attacks. They must be in your rallying presence to benefit from this.

Eagle's Wings:                           800 credits
   - Lets you fly to 'On the clouds' where there are exits connecting
     directly (and thus very quickly!) to places across the lands.

Atavian Wings:                          2000 credits
   - Lets you fly to a room ABOVE where the eagle's wings take you, with
     more exits. You can also reach 'On the clouds.'

Earrings of Sinope:                      800 credits
   - A pair of earrings. You wear one, and somebody else wears the other.
     As long as you are both wearing yours, you can travel to each other,
     if suitably close to each other(*). The command is TRAVEL TO <person>.
     For those wearing multiple Earrings of Sinope, use TRAVEL TO <person>
     WITH earringID (for example, TRAVEL TO CALLISTO WITH earring123).
     Earrings of Sinope are always owned by exactly one person, though clearly
     they are used by two. You specify the partner at purchase time with the
     following syntax: BUY <earring> PAIRED WITH <person>.
     If the owner should decide to bestow the other earring to a different
     partner at a later time, this can be accomplished at a cost of 100
     credits. See HELP ARTEFACT TRANSFERS for more information on changing
     Earrings of Sinope are blocked by grounding vibrations, being in the
     arena, or being in a ferry, and only these things. You must also not be
     prone/paralysed/bound or off eq/balance to travel to someone.
     (*) "Suitably close" means that you are on the same plane, same
     continent, and both in, or both not in, the wilderness, and if
     both in the wilderness, then within not too great a distance.

Vibrating stick:                         800 credits - wormholes
   - Lets you warp through wormholes in space-time.
     Specifically, you gain the ability to WORM WARP and WORM SEEK.

Wand of Portals:                         800 credits
   - Opens up a portal between you and another adventurer. Takes 6 seconds
     and is stopped by a monolith sigil. To use this POINT <wand> AT <person>.

Anklet of Dashing:                       500 credits - dash
   - Lets you use the DASH/SPRINT ability to move through multiple
     rooms at once.

Armband of Celerity:                     500 credits - celerity
   - Gives you an extra move/second before the "Don't be so hasty" message
     kicks in.

Wolverine's Claws:                       500 credits - burrow
   - Magical claws you wear on your hands which will allow you to burrow
     like a druid in wolverine morph. These claws must be worn to grant
     their surpassing power. They do not conflict with any other worn
Chitin greaves:                          500 credits - leap
   - When worn, allows the owner to LEAP like a Horkval.
     The owner and wearer of the greaves must possess both balance and
     equilibrium to begin a leap and may not be prone. Balance is used.
     The leap may still be disrupted by slipping on icy ground, closed
     doors, gravehands, piety, grounding vibration, or banana peel.
     There is an endurance cost. No defences are disturbed by leaping
     beyond those disturbed by any other normal movement (such as,
     for example, a prismatic barrier).
Spinning gyroscope:                      500 credits - swift_predator
   - Halves the time to recover from use of the TRACK ability
   - Applies to all instances of the TRACK ability

Ring of Flying:                          400 credits - flying
   - Lets you fly like an Atavian.

Cane of the Quickening:                  300 credits.
   - Lets you walk normally with one broken leg. Must be wielded.
     While walking normally, you appear to be walking normally to those
     that look on, and to yourself. Thus, no appearance of hobbling.

Brooch of the Tempest:                   150 credits - stability
   - You will never be blown laterally while flying, or blown out of the