Offensive Artefacts - Achaea Online Help

19.10.2 Offensive Artefacts


Artefacts are special items that can be purchased only with Bound Credits.
Unless otherwise stated, artefacts can be purchased in Merentesh's series of
shops in Delos. They will reset into your inventory frequently, which means
they cannot be loaned out, or stolen(!), for very long. Some only work for the
owner. They never decay. They cannot be changed to reset to anyone else's
inventory, so do not buy artefacts of any kind if you intend to sell them.

Note About Stacking
Artefact effects (for similar artefacts) don't combine or stack. If you have,
say, a Collar of Ceylon and a Collar of Agatheis, then only one will boost
damage of a magical nature. If you have a Logosian Ring and a Mayan Ring, then
only one will increase the value of sipping a health elixir. In general, the
best item rules, but there may be exceptions. So don't count on having two
artefacts and somehow stacking their effects.

Within the Offensive artefact category, we have two sub-categories:

Enhanced weapons
   - These are weapons with stats that are superior to the
     statistically average weapon of that type.

Special weapons
   - These are offensive artefacts whose advantage is not based in the
     three weapon statistics (damage, to-hit, and speed).

Enhanced weapons
                              Damage  To-hit  Speed   Cost
   Meteoric longsword          121     168     186     350 credits
   Vorpal longsword            125     173     192     800 credits
   Logosian longsword          130     180     200    1600 credits

   Scimitar of Hawks            56     168     236     350 credits
   Scimitar of Falcons          60     173     240     800 credits
   Scimitar of Eagles           64     180     245    1600 credits

   Mithril broadsword          154     168     159     350 credits
   Vorpal broadsword           164     173     164     800 credits
   Logosian broadsword         172     180     170    1600 credits

   Blackened rapier             57     168     236     350 credits
   Eagle's Scream               60     173     241     800 credits
   Soulpiercer                  63     180     246    1600 credits

   Orcsplitter                 162     160     151     350 credits
   Stonereaver                 168     166     156     800 credits
   Logosian battleaxe          174     172     162    1600 credits

Bastard swords (two-handed):
   Dawnrender                  204     165     136     350 credits
   Soulreaver                  213     173     143     800 credits
   Dreadblade                  222     180     149    1600 credits

Warhammers (two-handed):
   Stonesmith's Maul           186     160     149     350 credits
   Worldforge Hammer           192     169     154     800 credits
   Hellforge Hammer            200     174     160    1600 credits

Throwing axes:
   Sylvan Axe                   97     198     225     350 credits
   Axe of the Hunt             101     207     232     800 credits
   Axe of Gaian Fury           106     216     242    1600 credits

   Spiked steel spear           96     215     200     350 credits
   Mithril spear               101     219     205     800 credits
   Stormspear                  106     224     210    1600 credits

   Defender's Trident           96     215     200     350 credits
   Devil's Fork                101     219     205     800 credits
   Neraeos' Fork               106     224     210    1600 credits

Spirituality Maces: 
   Odyssean Mace               165     220     220     350 credits
   Raphaelan Mace              173     230     230     800 credits
   Auroran Mace                180     240     240    1600 credits

   Mutilator flail             140     168     168     350 credits
   Skullsplitter flail         144     173     173     800 credits
   Braincrusher flail          150     180     180    1600 credits

   Barbarian's Morningstar      73     191     212     350 credits
   Berserker's Morningstar      77     195     218     800 credits
   Matsuhama's Morningstar      85     200     225    1600 credits

   Whip of Thorns:              77     187     165     350 credits
   Razor Whip:                  81     196     173     800 credits
   Serpentis Whip:              84     204     180    1600 credits

   Viper's Coil:                55     164     187     350 credits
   Wyvern's Lash:               59     174     209     800 credits
   Elentari's Scourge:          65     191     225    1600 credits

Jester's Blackjacks: 
   Prankster's Blackjack:       66     220     220     350 credits
   Carnivalis Blackjack:        69     230     230     800 credits
   Pandora Blackjack:           72     240     240    1600 credits

   Babel's Pin                 267     146      83     525 credits
   Babel's Barb                255     153      87     800 credits
   Babel's Fury                279     160      91    1300 credits

   Assassin's Dirk             8% faster DSTABs        350 credits 
   Buckawn's Spine            15% faster DSTABs        800 credits
   Thoth's Fang               23% faster DSTABs       1600 credits

   Steel stiletto               50     210     219     200 credits
   Ivory stiletto               53     217     225     400 credits
   Deisian stiletto             56     222     231     800 credits

Blademaster's Bands
   Band of Fire         5% increased speed/damage      350 credits 
   Band of Lightning   10% increased speed/damage      800 credits 
   Band of Ice         15% increased speed/damage     1600 credits
   - With your blade in your hand, "ATTACH BAND TO SWORD" to convert it
     into an artefact weapon, adding an additional 5%/10%/15% speed and
     damage. This also makes the weapon reset to its owner.
   - These may be DETACHed as well.
   - Blademaster swords are not able to take on the Asp add-on.

Bows:  These shoot more quickly, do more damage, and hit more easily than a
       darkbow. The damage and to-hit percentages aren't possible to give
       because they are only one of many factors - suffice it to say that
       the more expensive bows are more accurate and do more damage.

  Note: The base price of bows is based on having the DARKBOWS ability.
        Should you not have this class ability, you can purchase the 
        "shooting" option via the ARTEFACT command, which grants the 
        owner the ability to use the SHOOT command: 
           SHOOT <adventurer> [direction] -or-
           SHOOT <adventurer> WITH METEOR.

   Ranger's Bow                       7% faster        250 credits
   Shooting Addon                                     +100 credits
   Velocity Bow                      14% faster        550 credits
   Shooting Addon                                     +250 credits
   Lupine Bow                        22% faster       1000 credits
   Shooting Addon                                     +500 credits

For 750 credits, you may add the Asp ability to almost any artefact edged
weapon. This is achieved via ARTEFACT <item> ADD ASP.

The Asp ability causes the weapon to hit with a random venom each time, and 1/3
of the time no specific venom message is given. If there are venoms on the
weapon, the venoms will be delivered and the asp will not take effect. If there
are no venoms, asp will take effect.

For the purposes of adding Asp ability, knuckles do not count as edged weapons.

The asp ability may be traded in. It is valued at two-thirds (500 credits).

Special Weapons
Armbands of the Fist
   - These armbands allow Tekura users to hit more often with their punches
     and kicks. The precise effect is difficult to express, but is similar
     to raising the to-hit of a weapon by 10%, 15% or 20%. This effect is
     not limited by the type of target in any way, denizen or adventurer.

   Bronze Armband of the Fist   Raises to-hit by 10%   200 credits  
   Copper Armband of the Fist   Raises to-hit by 15%   500 credits
   Steel Armband of the Fist    Raises to-hit by 20%  1000 credits

Boomerangs: 450 credits
   - Throw these at someone in your line of sight (up to 10 rooms away) and
     the boomerang will try to bring your target to you. The syntax is:
     THROW BOOMERANG AT <target> <direction>
   * one-way exits will defeat boomerangs.
   * the same things that prevent a yank will prevent a boomerang from
     succeeding (impaled, massed, stand firm, rooted, clinging) plus
     grounding vibes, being at a dock, restrained by tentacles or grave
     hands, or a rite of piety.

Bracers of Flame: 400 credits
   - Grants the wielder the ability to FIRELASH and cast FIREWALLS. Can also
     be used in place of a tinderbox in most cases.

Bracers of Frost: 1000 credits
   - Allows you to: 
        1) FREEZE GROUND - Cover the ground in ice. 
        2) FREEZE <person> - Freeze an opponent. 
        3) CAST DEEPFREEZE - Deepfreeze all your enemies that are in the 
           same location with you, if you could otherwise interact with 
           that person (taking into account astralform, phase, 
           blackwind, and the like).
        4) POINT <bracers> <direction> - Create an icewall to block the

   - These increase damage done to opponents from abilities that are
     magical in nature. These abilities include cast (or grove) lightning, 
     cast firelash, thornrend, staffcast, stormhammer, accentato, holocaust
     globe, kai choke, distort aura, utter truename, warp, taint, purity, 
     decay, star tarot, thurisaz rune, educe iron, and mind crush.

   Collar of Ceylon        10% increased damage        400 credits 
   Collar of Diablerie     15% increased damage        800 credits 
   Collar of Agatheis      20% increased damage       1600 credits 

Critical Hit Pendants
   - These pendants allow you to get extra critical hits when hunting.
     Everybody, at every level, has a chance of getting a critical hit.
     The higher the level, the higher the chance of getting a critical
     hit _and_ the higher the chance of getting harder hits. These
     pendants increase both the chance of getting a critical hit and
     the chance of getting harder hits. To give a couple of examples
     of critical hit chances: level 50 = 1.6% chance of getting a
     critical hit; level 65 = 6.4%; level 80 = 16.6%.

   Fire pendant              2% increased chance       200 credits  
   Blood pendant             4% increased chance       600 credits  
   Stygian pendant           6% increased chance      1200 credits  

Gattan'lier's hunger (Dagger): 350 credits
   - This artefact version of a manifested dagger removes the balance cost on
     SHADOW ATTUNE and increases the damage dealt by SHADOW MUTILATE.

Metal Knuckles: 
   - Increases damage: MAUL, PUNCH, JBP, HFP, HKP, UCP, & SPP

   Copper Knuckles   15% increased Tekura damage       400 credits
                     10% increased Metam. damage
   Brass Knuckles    25% increased Tekura damage       800 credits
                     15% increased Metam. damage
   Spiked Knuckles   35% increased Tekura damage      1600 credits
                     20% increased Metam. damage

Terrin'ukia's Vice (Phylactery): 350 credits
   - This artefact version of the phylactery can hold twice as many shadows as
     a standard version.
Scorpion's Tail: 800 credits
   - Wear it and then you may sting people with your tail, delivering the
     Loki venom (which hits the person with a random venom).

   - These increase damage by 10/15/20% on all Shadowmancy scythe attacks.

   Adchachel's lament 10% increased Shadowm damage     350 credits

   deSangre's spite   15% increased Shadowm damage     800 credits

   Agith'maal's ire   20% increased Shadowm damage    1600 credits

Shikudo Stave Upgrades:
   - These can be ATTACHed to a Shikudo staff and will increase the damage
    (health and limb) of your Shikudo attacks. 
   - You can only use one of each and must have the previous level before 
     you can attach the next. 
   - These will alter the description of the staff, reflecting the addition.
   - These will not alter the description of customised staves.
   - Attaching these will make the staff non-decay, it can then be customised.

   An iron shoe                 10% increase           300 credits

   A black leather strapping    15% increase           500 credits

   A metal crowning             20% increase           800 credits

Silver Fangs: 600 credits
   - Makes sumac and camus do 15% extra damage, due to a chemical reaction
     with the silver.

Skull Pendants:
   - These artefacts extend the number of curses that SWIFTCURSE augments and
     add one additional second per artefact level to the duration of JINX.
   Obsidian skull pendant        2 extra curses        350 credits
   Amethyst skull pendant        4 extra curses        800 credits
   Sapphire skull pendant        6 extra curses       1600 credits

Whip of Taming: 300 credits
   - Gives someone the pacifism affliction when hit.
      * Cannot be used for garrote.

Yggdrasian Splinter (Quarterstaff) - 500 credits
   - Increases personal sunlight capacity by 2500 (+50% at transcendent).