NERAEOS, GOD OF THE SEA - Achaea Online Help


The divine child of Caspian, the Elder God of the Seas, and an unknown 
mother, Neraeos was born a Demi-God early in the history of the world. 
He was raised in the faraway undersea, among the tritonic empires. 
Living there, He grew into a scholar, a philosopher and a warrior. He 
fought with distinction in the Battle of Nishnatoba, having led a legion of 
tritons under the command of His father. After the War of Power was 
finished, Neraeos disappeared for the rest of recorded history, living 
among the peoples of the sea. Upon the fall and death of Caspian, the 
mantle of Godhood passed to Neraeos, and He has since emerged from the 
Deep, curious, yet suspicious of the world above.

Neraeos is the God of the Sea and Master of Flowing Waters. He is at times 
cold and placid, yet He can be driven to great passions, for good or for 
ill. The fickle, tempestuous sea reflects His moods, the waters an 
extension of His will. Neraeos feels that it is the duty of His Order to 
watch over the waters of Achaea, to nurture and protect them, to make 
certain that the oceans and the peoples that dwell within them are kept 
safe both from the foul beasts of the deep, and from the greedy hands of 
those who walk the land. The virtues espoused by the Lord of the Sea 
include those of Strength, Passion, Vigilance, and Duty.

The Sea is Eternal, yet always in Flux. Cloaking the vast reaches of 
Achaea, its waters are the blood of the world, a sustainer of life. At 
the same time, the Sea is capable of passionate, merciless destruction. A 
paradox, a riddle, a mystery... The Sea is all of these and more, and 
but few of the land will ever truly understand it.