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12.8.2 Moghedu

Moghedu, the racial home of the Mhun, was "discovered" (we use terms like
discovered loosely, for obviously the Mhun living there have always been quite
aware of its existence) by Nicator on his way through the Vashnar mountains 
many centuries ago.

The entrance to Moghedu is located near the southern Vashnar Mountains, at the
southwestern edge of the Mhojave desert. It is said that there are many
descending levels to Moghedu, and that it is quite populated, though this is
difficult to ascertain as the Mhun of Moghedu do not welcome strangers with
open arms. Still, it is not a place of overt danger to the traveller, as the
Mhun, while not necessarily friendly, are not hostile either.