Miscellaneous Artefacts - Achaea Online Help

19.10.5 Miscellaneous Artefacts


Artefacts are special items that can be purchased only with Bound Credits.
Unless otherwise stated, artefacts can be purchased in Merentesh's series of
shops in Delos. They will reset into your inventory frequently, which means
they cannot be loaned out, or stolen(!), for very long. Some only work for
the owner. They never decay. They cannot be changed to reset to anyone
else's inventory, so do not buy artefacts of any kind if you intend to sell
Note About Stacking
Artefact effects (for similar artefacts) don't combine or stack. If you have,
say, a Collar of Ceylon and a Collar of Agatheis, then only one will boost
damage of a magical nature. If you have a Logosian Ring and a Mayan Ring, then
only one will increase the value of sipping a health elixir. In general, the
best item rules, but there may be exceptions. So don't count on having two
artefacts and somehow stacking their effects.


Aldar Diadem OR Aldar talisman: 1000 credits
   - Reduces the time it takes to recover equilibrium, by about 15%.

Anklet of Dashing: 500 credits
   - Lets you use the DASH/SPRINT ability to move through multiple
     rooms at once.

Armband of Celerity: 500 credits
- Gives you an extra move/second before the "Don't be so hasty" message 
     kicks in.

Atavian Wings: 2000 credits
   - Lets you fly to a room ABOVE where the eagle's wings take you, with
     more exits. You can also reach 'On the clouds.'

A furnisher's awl: 300 credits
- Furnishers, increase the number of material samples gathered from     
     the land.

Bag of Sharing: 800 credits
   - A linked storage space that shares its contents between two bags. 
Buy one with a friend and easily pass anything from cakes to weapons    
     to each other. Hold up to five items. 
- To purchase this bag, visit the Miscellaneous Artefact Shop in Delos  
     with your intended partner and BUY <bag> PAIRED WITH <person>. 
- Like with Earrings of Sinope, the bag has one owner, who can change   
     the partner at any time for a 150 credit fee.

Bands of Mind Distension
- These bands will increase the maximum number of MINDPRINTs a monk can 
Ursine Band of Mind Distension (+3 additional mindprints) - 100 credits 
Scorpic Band of Mind Distension (+6 additional mindprints) - 300 credits
Draconic Band of Mind Distension (+9 additional mindprints) - 500       

Band of the Berserker: 250 credits
- Increase the damage dealt by your allies' conditional damage          
attacks. They must be in your rallying presence to benefit from this.   

Box of chocolates: 200 credits
- This neverending box of chocolates functions like the magic flowerpot,
but for chocolates. Open a chocolatterie! 18 types of chocolates are    
     available, and sometimes more are added.

Box of Stasis: 750 credits
- This container prevents the decay of almost all items held inside it. 
It will hold five items at any one time. Stasis effect may not apply to 
some special items, forged weapons or armour, and decaying talismans.   

Bracelet of Sustenance: 550 credits
   - Wear this bracelet and you'll never need to sleep or eat again.
     (this acts exactly as though you were level 80+. It does not
      give immunity to hunger attacks).

Bracers of the Phoenix: 250 credits
- Imbued with a powerful enchantment, these bracers will slow the rate  
     at which a Blademaster's shin energy decays.

Brass cigar box: 100 credits
   - Like a magic flowerpot or chocolate box, the box will regularly
     produce up to six different kinds of cigar. The box will produce
     one cigar per Achaean day and hold up to five at a time.

Brooch of the Tempest: 150 credits
   - You will never be blown laterally while flying, or blown out of the

Cane of the Quickening: 300 credits.
   - Lets you walk normally with one broken leg. Must be wielded.
     While walking normally, you appear to be walking normally to those
     that look on, and to yourself. Thus, no appearance of hobbling.

Cask of Ironbeard's finest: 150 credits.
   - This cask will make you considerably more drunk each time you take
     a swig from it. Note: this can not be forced.

An irreverent's guard chain: 150 credits
- For those who thumb their noses at Murad's craft, and choose to       
their named blade, use this guard chain to gift your Blademaster's sword
     to another. ATTACH <chain> TO <sword>.
     - This will allow the sword to then be banded as usual if desired.
     - This does not add resetting or non-decay. 
- This cannot be used to steal another's sword, this can only be used by
       the sword's current owner.
     - This cannot be used on an already banded sword.

Chitin greaves: 500 credits
   - When worn, allows the owner to LEAP like a Horkval.
     The owner and wearer of the greaves must possess both balance and
     equilibrium to begin a leap and may not be prone. Balance is used.
     The leap may still be disrupted by slipping on icy ground, closed
     doors, gravehands, piety, grounding vibration, or banana peel.
     There is an endurance cost. No defences are disturbed by leaping
     beyond those disturbed by any other normal movement (such as,
     for example, a prismatic barrier).

Circle of Friends: 25 credits
   - Increases your maximum number of friends above the original 20.
     A new circle of friends can be purchased from any room using the
     syntax BUY CIRCLE OF FRIENDS PERMIT. This will increase your 
     circle of friends by five spaces. Because of the nature of 
     this artefact, it may not be traded in or refunded, so buy with 
     care. At this time you may purchase up to twenty permits. 

Clan slot permit: 25 credits
   - Increases your maximum clan count above 10. You may purchase a clan
     slot permit at any time by entering BUY CLANSLOT PERMIT. Because of
     the nature of this artefact, it may not be traded in or refunded,
so buy with care. At this time you may purchase up to twenty permits.   

A gilded coinbox: 900 credits
   - Portable access to all your bankaccounts.
   - DEPOSIT <amount> GOLD IN <citybankname>.
   - WITHDRAW <amount> GOLD FROM <citybankname>.
   - This artefact does not exempt you from bank fees.

Collar of Lupus: 250 credits
   - ATTACH <collar> TO <mount> that is loyal to you, excluding chimeras
and inflatable giraffes, but including falcons and snakes. Makes the    
mount reset to you approximately every 18 hours. Can never be killed    
     permanently. *NEW: May be used with some customised class loyals
     (see HELP CUSTOMISATION for more details).

* NOTE: this particular artefact cannot be traded in at all. *          
* NOTE: this artefact may be used exactly once and no longer *          
* exists after it is used. It may not be removed or transferred, *      
* nor may the now-resetting-to-you mount be traded or transferred *     
* NOTE: This collar does not allow you to keep class loyals (such *     
* as falcons and snakes) when quitting class. If, through some *        
* error, your class loyal stays with you after quitting class, *        
* please report this at once. The cost of the Collar will not be *      
* refunded, nor will a new Collar be issued, so be careful! *           

A knotted leather cord: 250cr
   - Signal yourself as a long-time member of The Dauntless!
- Ownership of this cord allows you to JOIN DAUNTLESS from anywhere at  
- You will not be automatically removed from The Dauntless after a      
- Once the minimum year has passed, you can QUIT DAUNTLESS to resign    
     the ranks, but may join again at no cost whenever you wish.

A bronze cowbell: 300cr
- Increase your chance of gathering milk over eggs when GATHERing from  
      farms in the wilderness.

Dagger of Reincarnation: 100 credits
   - Lets you reincarnate.
- SACRIFICE MYSELF once you have it, and then you may reincarnate in the
Flame as usual. This ignores soulcage and starburst and works even if   
     you have either of those up/active/etc.
   - The dagger is destroyed upon sacrificing yourself.
   - You can reincarnate to the same race to reset your racial 
specialisation. If you have multiple classes, it will only reset the    
     current class slot's saved spec.

Deathmask: 750 credits
   - If the owner of the deathmask dons the mask and slays another
     adventurer, the name of the owner will be concealed from those with
     deathsight. A deathsight message will still occur, but the name of
     the slayer will not be given.

Dragonskin Quivers: 100 credits
   - For sale in Moghedu, right next to the entrance, in a shop.
   - These quivers, and their contents, never decay.

Drinking horn: 150 credits
   - Replenishes with 30 draughts of ale every Achaean day.
   - For additional credits (50-250+ depending on type of liquor), you
     can customise what kind of liquor is produced in the flagon every
     Achaean day. For example, if you want the horn to replenish with
     beer or mead instead of ale, you can request this customisation on
     your horn for 50 credits. You can request non-alcoholic liquids
as well, such as apple juice or tea. Some liquids are not available,    
     such as fairy nectar. You can also add more draughts per Achaean
month for additional credits. For exact price quotes and availability,  
     please email customisations@achaea.com.

Eagle's Wings: 800 credits
   - Lets you fly to 'On the clouds' where there are exits connecting
     directly (and thus very quickly!) to places across the lands.

Earrings of Sinope: 800 credits 
- A pair of earrings. You wear one, and somebody else wears the other.  
As long as you are both wearing yours, you can travel to each other,    
if suitably close to each other(*). The command is TRAVEL TO <person>.  
For those wearing multiple Earrings of Sinope, use TRAVEL TO <person>   
     WITH earringID (for example, TRAVEL TO CALLISTO WITH earring123).

Earrings of Sinope are always owned by exactly one person, though       
they are used by two. You specify the partner at purchase time with the 
     following syntax: BUY <earring> PAIRED WITH <person>. 

If the owner should decide to bestow the other earring to a different   
     partner at a later time, this can be accomplished at a cost of 100
credits. See HELP ARTEFACT TRANSFERS for more information on changing   

     Earrings of Sinope are blocked by grounding vibrations, being
in the arena, or being in a ferry, and only these things. You must also 
not be prone/paralysed/bound or off eq/balance to travel to someone.    

     (*) "Suitably close" means that you are on the same plane, same
     continent, and both in, or both not in, the wilderness, and if
     both in the wilderness, then within not too great a distance.

Ekanelian Jewel: 350 credits. (Lowered from 900 credits!)
- Halves both wormhole splicing and cancelling time for the owner. Must 
be worn. If splicing, only one of the duo needs to have a Jewel, and    
the Jewel-bearer must be the one to accept the link for the splice -    
     i.e. the second one to WORM SPLICE <target>.

Explorers tome: 500 credits
- Invested with incantations tied in to the very earth, this tome will  
     report how much of the current area has been explored.
   - Syntax for use: READ <tome>.

Fishscale tunic: 400 credits.
   - When worn, allows the owner of the tunic to move underwater without
     drowning. In practical terms, functions like prickly pear.

Gem of Transmutation: 1000 credits
   - Lets you change race up to once an Achaean month (once per rl day).
   - Lets you reset your racial specialisation once an Achaean month 
(once per rl day) in lieu of reincarnating. Syntax: RACE UNSPECIALISE.  
   - This artefact will not work for anyone but the owner.

Gem of Rapid Transmutation: 2000 credits
- An upgrade of the Gem of Transmutation, offering the same benefits but
with a much shorter cooldown. Can be used once every 2 Achaean days     
     (2 hours).

Gemstone vials: 40 credits
   - For sale in Moghedu, right next to the entrance, in a shop.
- Choice of diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, glass, quartz, amethyst,  
     peridot, onyx, garnet, moonstone, and jade.
- They never decay, and can hold up to 240 sips instead of the usual    
- It will require fewer brewings of elixirs and salves to fill to       
     capacity than a normal vial.

Gilded Page: 100 credits.
   - Lets the owner reset his or her traits with the syntax READ PAGE.
   - This page will self-destruct when read.

A gilded pike: 150 credits
   - What better way to prove your combat prowess than with this imbued 
pike. Once planted, it will last for 5 Achaean months, and will allow   
the owner to pike multiple heads on the one spike. Each additional head 
     will add an Achaean month until the pike resets.
   - Syntax for use:  PIKE <head>/ PIKE <head> ON <pike>.

Gloves of Extraction: 300 credits
   - If you can extract, cuts your balance recovery for extracting
     approximately in half.
   - The gloves will also increase the potential number of primes
     per extraction.

Gloves of Harvesting: 300 credits
   - If you can harvest, cuts your balance recovery for harvesting
     approximately in half.
   - The gloves will also increase the potential number of herbs
     per harvest.
   - This item affects gathering plant-based ingredients in the 
     Gathering skill.

Gloves of Serendipity: 250 credits
   - These enchanted gloves may occasionally magically duplicate a 
     Jester's bomb at construction time.

Goggles of Whitesight OR Spectacles of Whitesight: 150 credits
   - Lets you see in blizzards. Affects multiple things, including
     look, squint, glance, and examine, among others.

A golden cube: 350 credits
   - Removes the cost of a Jester's PROPS (Balloon, Blackjack, 
     Mickey, and Itchpowder).
  (*) Props can now only be held in limited quantities, a 
      Jester can store 200 of each storable props at any one time.

A golden pendulum: 250 credits
   - Capable of keeping perfect time, this artefact will reduce the 
     time between a Bard's harmonics being called, and their arrival.

Gold-inlaid Mill: 300 credits
   - If you can mill ink, cuts your recovery time for milling.
   - Will allow you to mill for up to 10 inks per batch.

Grimoire of Adaptation: 1000 credits
   - Lets the owner reset his or her traits up to once an Achaean month
     (once per rl day) with the syntax READ GRIMOIRE.

Grimoire of Hasty Adaptation: 2000 credits
- An upgrade of its regular sibling, offering the same benefits of the  
Grimoire of Adaptation with a shorter cooldown. Can be used once every  
     2 Achaean days (2 hours).

Horn of plenty: 250 credits
   - Like a magic flowerpot or chocolate box, the horn will regularly
produce up to six different kinds of food, including a turkey potpie,   
waybread, a smoked wheel of cheddar, and more. If you purchase a horn   
     of plenty, you can also email customisations@achaea.com regarding
     customising what sort of food it produces, at additional per-item
credit cost of minimum 100 credits per item. Buy a horn of plenty and   
customise it to produce nothing but strawberry cheesecakes and seared   
     oysters on the shell all day long!

Hypnosis Fetishes
- These mesmerising devices will increase a hypnotist's imprint         
   A hypnotist's fetish   (+3 additional imprints) - 200 credits
   A mesmer's fetish      (+6 additional imprints) - 400 credits
   A Syraxian fetish      (+9 additional imprints) - 800 credits

Insignia of mastery: 350 credits
   - Switch your Weaponmastery specialisation for free, every 24 hours.

A shining insignia of prowess: 800 credits
   - Switch your Weaponmastery specialisation for free, every 2 hours.

A peerless insignia of finesse: 1200 credits
   - Switch your Weaponmastery specialisation for free, once per hour.

Intellect Crown: 500 credits
   - When you are trying to mind lock someone else, this cuts the time
     that it takes to gain the mind lock by 40%.

Ivory Dice: 50 credits
- ROLLDICE will allow you to roll the pair of dice, allowing you to run 
     gambling rings, etc.
   - ROLLDICE <count> <sides> will allow you to roll up to 10 dice with
     from 4 to 100 sides each.

Ivory Pipe:  50 credits
Ebony Pipe:  50 credits
Marble Pipe: 50 credits
   - For sale in Moghedu, right next to the entrance, in a shop.
   - They will never decay.
   - They do not need to be lit with a tinderbox.

A painted lantern: 400 credits
- Possession of this strangely-painted lantern will allow the shaman to 
     commune with and bind spirits twice as fast as before.

Leadrope Inlaid with Silver: 450 credits.
- This leadrope will make it so that you do not lose your loyal denizen 
     entourage when leaping or tumbling.

Liquid Rift expansions
- These various tap devices will increase the capacity of the liquid    
   A Tippler's tap        (x2 base liquid rift capacity) - 300 credits
   A Sot's spigot         (x3 base liquid rift capacity) - 400 credits
   A Phaestean faucet     (x4 base liquid rift capacity) - 500 credits

Loki's Tear amulet: 250 credits
- For those who have learned the Toxicology skill, the amulet will allow
     the owner, whilst worn, to produce 50% more venom.

Lorewarden's stones
- These items reduce the time between switching between multiclass      
   Shard of the lesser lorewarden  (1 hour cooldown)    - 350 credits
   Chip of the lesser lorewarden   (10 minute cooldown) - 800 credits
   Stone of the lesser lorewarden  (1 minute cooldown)  - 1600 credits

Lupine Plinth: 300 credits 
   - Place in your grove to greatly increase the rate at which you gain
sunlight energy. It also increases the max sunlight energy your grove   
     can hold to 18000.
- Having your Plinth in your grove will reduce the cost of GROVE IMBUE  
     by 1000 energy.
   - Your plinth is automatically placed in your grove upon purchase.

Magic flowerpot: 200 credits
   - 33% chance of growing one random flower (out of 17 types) every
Achaean day. The flowerpot holds 6 flowers, and will stop producing     
     them when full, until you pick one. Open your own flower business!

Mask of Lifevision: 500 credits
   - Lets you use lifevision to see most hidden people. This does not
     simply work by being worn. Rather, wearing it allows you to use
     the ability 'lifevision.' This identifies some of those who may
     be walking around as ghostly forms, defeats some illusions, and
     reveals some forms of hiding or concealing of one's presence.

Medallion of Enchantments: 300 credits
   - This will allow you to batch up to 5 conjuration creations.(*)
     The syntax is: BEGIN CREATION OF <1-5> <enchantment>
(*) Enchantments that use the syntax BEGIN ENCHANTMENT OF... cannot be  

Mighty Butcher's Cleaver: 300 credits
   - For those that can butcher corpses, this cleaver cuts balance
     recovery time roughly in half as well having the chance to
     create extra non-meat reagents with each butchering.

Miniature Mine Cart: 400 credits
- This incredibly useful cart will raise the number of commodities you  
     can batch refine at once from 100 to a staggering 1000!

Mithril Spurs: 500 credits
   - Same as the Chivalry ability Swiftmount.
      - Regain balance more quickly while mounting a steed.
      - If you have the vault ability in Riding you may use it with
        no loss of balance.

Mouse baits
   - Can be used by Jesters to fish for mice, and will increase the
     maximum number of trained suicide mice the Jester can have.
         A small wheel of Nimickian farmstead cheese  - 100 credits
          (+1 additional suicide mouse)
         A wedge of Shamtotan cheddar                 - 300 credits
          (+2 additional suicide mice)
         A compact chunk of creamy Combatia cheese    - 500 credits
          (+3 additional suicide mice)
Mighty Butcher's Cleaver: 300 credits
   - For those that can butcher corpses, this cleaver cuts balance
     recovery time roughly in half as well having the chance to
     create extra non-meat reagents with each butchering.
Mithril Spurs: 500 credits
   - Same as the Chivalry ability Swiftmount.
      - Regain balance more quickly while mounting a steed.
      - If you have the vault ability in Riding you may use it with
        no loss of balance.
Orb of Suppression: 500 credits
   - Hides most artefacts, including itself, from people examining you.
     If an artefact isn't being hidden, notify Tecton. When the orb is
     in your possession, it works for:
     - remove/unwear - onlookers will not see you remove the item.
     - house inventory - conceals worn and inventory but not wielded.
     - appraise - conceals worn, wielded, and inventory items.
     ** Exceptions: for an extra 50 credits per artefact, you may
     ** arrange things so that the artefact is NOT suppressed, and
     ** therefore will be visible even if you have an orb.
Painter's Palette: 450 credits
   - Fills with inks on a regular basis, much like a flower pot.
Parrot in a cage: 400 credits
   - A master of mimicry, these birds will memorise any conversation
     they're privy to (up to an Achaean day in length), and can recite
     them back with unerring accuracy!
   - Being a somewhat small-brained creature, the can only retain their
     memory of a conversation for 2 Achaean months. From the tavern bard to
     the esteemed city leader, this is a must-have.
   - Syntax for use:
         TELL <parrot> TAKE NOTE - Start the Parrot's memorisation.
         TELL <parrot> THAT'S ALL - Cease memorising a conversation
         TELL <parrot> REPEAT WHAT WAS SAID - Recite a conversation
         TELL <parrot> FASTER - Increase the speed of a recitation.
         TELL <parrot> SLOWER - Decrease the speed of a recitation.
         TELL <parrot> FORGET - Forget the memorised conversation.
Permanent Tattoos (also known as Artefact Tattoos): 100 credits
Portable anvil: 250 credits
   - Grants the owner the ability to PLACE ANVIL, dropping a
     functional anvil in the room for one achaean day (1 hour).
   - Once placed the anvil will act as a forge.
Prismatic lantern: 350 credits
   - This lantern will allow its owner to see what room is on the other
     side of a portal, and the name of the adventurer from whom the
     portal originated. This includes sonicportals, grove portals,
     grove gateways, and the fiery portals created by the Wand of
     Portals artefact. To use this artefact, the owner merely has to
     PROBE the portal with the lantern in his or her inventory.
     Note: this does not show the contents of the room on the other
     side of the portal, only the name of the room itself.
Prospero's Lesser Vault: 350 credits
   - Doubles rift capacity.
   - Not stackable with Lesser or Greater Vault.
   - Works when in inventory. Does not have to be wielded.
   - Will only work for the owner.
   - Only affects putting things in - you can always take things out,
     even if you don't have your vault at the moment, and the actual
     contents of the rift are unchanged, whether you have your vault
     or not.
Prospero's Greater Vault: 500 credits
   - Quadruples rift capacity.
   - Not stackable with Greater or Lesser Vault.
   - See other notes on the Lesser Vault.
Quill of Inscribing: 250 credits
   - Cuts tarot-card inscribe time in half, when wielded.
Rakia's flame: 350 credits
   - Increases the rate at which a Metamorph can SUMMON FLAME.
Restoration loops - 250 credits
   - These artefacts are so attuned to the actions of their owners,
     they will provide bonuses and restorative properties. As well as
     the individual powers listed below, they will return some willpower
     and endurance upon a successful instakill.
        A wreath of lycopod vines
         (restores additional essence from VIVISECT)
        A wreath of golden leaves
         (restores sunlight energy from HEARTSEED)
        A kaleidoscopic crown
         (restores additional karma from UNRAVEL)
        A Cincture of the Devoted
         (restores additional devotion from DAMNATION)
Ring of Flying: 400 credits
   - Lets you fly like an Atavian.
Robes of the Magi: 1000 credits
   - Cuts your mana usage by 1/3. This does not apply to every case
     where you use mana, but almost all. Draining of mana by demons
     or runes is not affected. Transmutation is also not affected.
Runic Gauntlet: 350 credits.
   - For runelorists and spiritlorists, this reduces the time it takes
     to implant and uproot totems bearing your mark by 50%, and the time
     it takes to uproot others' totems by 25%. Must be worn.
   - Works as a falconry glove.
Sash of Eternal Battle: 1000 credits
   - Much like the Robes of the Magi, this sash will reduce the endurance
     cost of almost all endurance-using abilities by 1/3.
Serpentine keyring: 100 credits
   - These lovely keyrings are crafted from the finest jade, in the
     form of a serpent biting its own tail. For the owner of the keyring
     only, the enchanted serpent will allow keys to be ATTACHed to it.
     The owner, and only the owner, may remove keys (using GET (key#)
Shadowcloak: 800 credits
   - A cloak that lets you use the necromancer shroud ability.
Signet Ring: 50 credits
   - Allows you to SEAL <letter> WITH <ring> (after it has been emblazoned
     with your personal arms by an Herald).
   - Allows you to SIGN <letter|manuscript|scroll> WITH <ring> (after it
     has been emblazoned with your personal arms by an Herald).
     NOTE: a signet ring may ONLY bear personal, not organisational arms.
Silver tuning fork: 200 credits
   - Its presence in the inventory of its owner will allow Crystalism,
     Harmonics, and Devotion users to create vibrations or harmonics or
     rites with double the lifetime.
Silver whistle: 500 credits
   - Allows you to REQUEST LETTERs and POST mail from anywhere.
     Additionally, this item may be upgraded with a customised mail
     delivery message for an additional fee. Email
     customisations@achaea.com for further information.
Sorcerer's notebook: 350 credits
   - Doubles the number of artificing schematics that a Magi can store
     and apply to their golems.
Staff of Illusion: 500 credits
   - Cast an illusion in your room. Takes a 2 second equilibrium.
     (Allows use of CONJURE ILLUSION). Just having the staff is enough:
     it is not needful to wield it.
   - The maximum illusion length using the staff is 500 characters.
   - You may specify one newline character in your illusion with the
     character sequence \n
   - The staff requires balance.
Talisman of Greater Cultivation: 250 credits
   - A rare artefact from the Cauda Pavonis, increasing the health and
     movement speed of an Alchemist's homunculus.
Talisman of Obfuscation: 500 credits
   - Reduces the effectiveness of the lifevision defence by 33%.
Taper of Eternity: 50 credits
   - Endless sealing wax candle with several new colours available
     only to owners of this special artefact. See HELP 7.19 for
     the colours available.
Top Hat: 25 credits
   - This beautiful top hat has various interesting properties.
     It is a container, and it holds 75 items: put what you want into it.
     When you look in it, all you see is if it's empty or not.
     When you try to take anything out (GET x FROM HAT) you will not know
     in advance what item you are getting. The hat does not create new
     (or destroy existing) things, nor does it change the things you put in.
     If you put in ten things, and pull out ten things, you'll still have
     the same ten things exactly. You just won't know what order they'll
Tradebooks: 150 credits
   These massive tomes are used for storage of crafters patterns, recipes,
   and schematics. This is for the plain items to copy to a sketch. Once
   copied into the tome it will never decay and always be available to the
      * A leather-bound tome of culinary delights (Recipes).
      * A leather-bound tome of tailored splendours (Patterns).
      * A leather-bound tome of schematic wonders (Schematics).
         - TRADEBOOK <tome> BUY <item> - add a recipe/pattern/schematic to
           the book directly from purchasing.
         - TRADEBOOK <tome> ADD <item> - add a recipe/pattern/schematic to
           the book.
         - TRADEBOOK <tome> LIST - list all items in the book.
         - TRADEBOOK <tome> FIND <text> - find a specific stored item.
         - DESIGN <sketch> COPY <id> from <tome>
An urn of Annwynian beeswax: 200 credits
   - This magical material fortifies summoned STONEWALLs, increasing the
     duration before they crumble.
Vibrating stick: 800 credits
   - Lets you warp through wormholes in space-time.
     Specifically, you gain the ability to WORM WARP and WORM SEEK.
A wax stick encased in mithril: 300 credits
   - Allows runes to be sketched in watery environments.
Wand of Portals: 800 credits
   - Opens up a portal between you and another adventurer. Takes 6 seconds
     and is stopped by a monolith sigil. To use this POINT <wand> AT <person>.
Wolverine's Claws: 500 credits
   - Magical claws you wear on your hands which will allow you to burrow
     like a druid in wolverine morph. These claws must be worn to grant
     their surpassing power. They do not conflict with any other worn
Wyrmskin Packs: 100 credits
   - For sale in Moghedu, right next to the entrance, in a shop.
   - These packs hold 100 items instead of 50, and never decay.
Wyvernskin tabac pouch: 100 credits
   - Like a magic flowerpot or chocolate box, the pouch will regularly
     produce up to nine different kinds of tabac. The pouch will produce
     one tabac per Achaean day and hold up to eight at a time.