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11.8.20 Miramar, the Goddess of Justice

The Goddess Miramar was slain in battle in 610 AF by Bal'met, the Worldreaver.

Known as also the Even-handed, the Goddess of Justice meted out Justice since
before the Triumvirate. However, Her realm encompassed not only Justice; it
also included the realm and application of Judgement. For those who are Unjust
must be met with like.

Those seeking Justice were never turned away from Her presence, no matter to
what creed or ethos they ascribed. For some this was incomprehensible, that She
would extend Her hand towards those others may see as undeserving. None were
unworthy of Justice, regardless of being the victim or aggressor, as both were
equally viewed by the Even-handed.

Her most holy symbol was that of the silver Scales of Justice, its balance only
swayed by acts of the Just and Unjust.