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7.7 KEYS

A key is used to open locks on doors, chests, or other lockable things. Keys
are able to open up to six different locks but generally only a God is able to
set which locks a particular key can open.

Using a Key
If you have the right key, then you can lock or unlock whatever it works on.
There's nothing special to do to 'use' a key.

Getting Keys Copied
If you have a key and it has your mark on it, you will be able to take it to a
locksmith, such as Schliemann the Unlocker, and ask him to copy it for you.

If you have a key with your mark on it, then go to a locksmith and:
COPY <key number> FOR <person>

Attempting to copy a key that does not have your mark on it could have
unpleasant consequences.