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Ironbeard the Magnanimous is a well-known dwarf whose appearance often
coincides with Logosmas, among other celebrations. He is fond of gift-giving
and has a knack for finding his way around the realms and the planes of the
multiverse in the mere blink of an eye!

For those of you whose insatiable curiosity requires further gratification, we
present to you some truths in verse:

Will he visit on my ship?
Will he visit in my bed?
Will he make a second trip?
Will he visit when I'm dead?

Not on your ship!
Not in your bed!
No second trip!*
Perhaps if you're dead!

Only once per Serenade,
Not while less than level eight,
He'll not pass arena walls,
Nor will he visit Death's bleak halls.

* Actually, this is not entirely true. See the third verse.