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17.4.9 Humgii Racing

Racing humgii is an old and honorable sport. In it, jockeys, typically of the Pixie, Imp, or Pygmy races, ride humgii for one and a half laps around a track. Odds are presented beforehand, allowing players to bet Tickets on a humgii and reap a reward in credits. 

Tickets are gotten by purchasing credits when the relevant credit promotion is running - you will receive one racing ticket for every 10 credits you buy.

In humgii racing, you can bet on a particular humgii/jockey to either Win, Place, or Show. 

Win   = 1st place.
Place = 1st OR 2nd place.
Show  = 1st OR 2nd OR 3rd place.

So, the payoff for a Place on a particular humgii will always be lower than for a Win, since a Place is inherently more likely. Similarly, a Show will payout less than a Place or Win would.

The premiere humgii racetrack - Sugardown Fields - is located behind (south of) the New Thera casino entrance. Once there, you may:

- For 1 minute after the last race, this will show the results of the last race. For the next 5 minutes, it will show the racers and odds for the next race. It will also show you Points and J Points (Jockey Points). This is a cumulative total of how that humgii and that jockey have done over time. 3 points are given for a win, 2 for 2nd place, and 1 for 3rd place.

The odds shown reflect a single ticket bet. Double them for two tickets, triple for three tickets, and so on.

Races are run every ten minutes.

- While a race is being run, this will show you the field of racers.

- Shows you how many tickets you have. CREDIT REPORT will also show the same.

- This will let you place a bet on a humgii for the next race. Bets are only taken 4 minutes prior to the next race. Each ticket is effectively worth 3 credits as a bet, and if you win, you will be paid out in credits.

 - Will show you what outstanding bets you have.

Good luck!