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House Ashura

The foundations of the Ashura lie early in the modern history of Sapience.
During the Shrine Wars and city-state building of the third century of the
Modern Age, a cadre of skilled warrior-monks who were deeply loyal to Ashtan
emerged. These monks, led by Tranquility and patroned by Aegis, God of War,
established the Ashuran guild upon the historic hill of the Cyclade in the
northeastern section of Ashtan.

Amidst the tumultuous changes of the House era, the Ashura have remained true
to their beginnings whilst accepting members from the Blademaster class as well
as the original Monks. The Ashura adhere to their time-honoured credo of Unity
through Respect, Competence through Diligence. Ashuran warriors seek martial
perfection through the unity of mind, body, and spirit. These ideals are
embodied in the totem animals of the tiger, raven, and dragon.

Although the training regimen is strict and the lifestyle often harsh, the
warriors of the Ashuran monastery possess a strong sense of both family and
individuality. Rarely will an Ashuran prove to be without honour and
commitment, nor hesitate to fight in order to protect these ideals.

House Ashura exists much as it did in guild form, rooted in the ideals of
excellence on the field of combat and loyalty to Ashtan, Bastion of the North.
Legacy and tradition are held in high regard, as are loyalty and courage. The
Ashura maintain high standards and much is expected of the aspirant. Because of
this commitment to excellence, the Ashura have produced many of the renowned
warriors and leaders of history and continue to be an impressive force in the
world at large.