Embracing class - Achaea Online Help

8.1.0 Embracing class


If you are member of a class, you will be offered the opportunity to EMBRACE
CLASS after you have reached certain requirements. If you are a member of a
house you will be offered the chance to embrace class at the thirtieth (30th)
level of experience and houserank two. Those that are not within a house will
be forced to wait until the fiftieth (50th) level of experience.

The Good News: if you EMBRACE CLASS, then:
- you become a full member in the class.
- you are no longer a journeyman/journeywoman.
- you may train in all class skills without limitation.

The Not-So-Good News: if you EMBRACE CLASS, then:
- you may not UNEMBRACE class. Ever.
- if you decide to leave your class, then you will only receive
  HALF of the lessons back that you invested in class skills.

Prior to embracing class, if you leave your class, you'll receive a refund of
about 98% of your lessons invested in class skills. After, you'll receive
about 50%. Think carefully about embracing class!

This is a very serious decision. Do not make it lightly!

A Bit More Bad News
Once you are offered the opportunity to embrace, whether you do or not,
you may never return to any newbie area such as Minia or Lodi, not even
if you somehow fall to level 20 or lower again.