Delos - Achaea Online Help

12.6.2 Delos

The island of Delos, which lies in the middle of the mighty Zaphar River, has
an interesting history. Originally, it was the home of the Chrysalis Basilica,
and thus the Church. A community sprung up on the island to support the
Church, and the Church led the island.

In recent times, however, the Church petitioned Sarapis to have the Basilica
moved to Shallam, and Sarapis agreed to do so. Since then, Delos has redefined
itself as a place devoted, in the main, to the arts of combat. Here you will
find the Matsuhama Arena (HELP ARENA), a place where any who choose may do
battle free of the worry of losing experience. Here you will also find perhaps
the best weapons and armour shop in the land, run by Merentesh, as well as a
collection of gladiators and weaponmasters that is equal to none. Led by 
Colbey, they represent mastery of many of the weapons to be found in Achaea.